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Indiana Is Developing Roads That Will Recharge Your Electric Vehicle As You Drive On Them


Hey, everyone, you all now understand what I am going to write. I hope, you are going to be very excited after reading this article. If you have an Electric vehicle, then after reading this your legs will be not present on the floor. This week an announcement had done by the Indiana department of transportation is INDOT and the University of Prude, they announced plans, this they are going to develop the first contactless wireless charging, this is going to be first world’s this type of charging concrete is going to present in highway segment of pavement. Maybe this is going to be the revolution in the field of charging electric vehicles.

From the talking of news channels and announced by the INDOT, they said, for this project, they are going to use magnetizable concrete for charging, seriously, this is awesome and developed by the startup of Germany that Magment GmbH, this Magment Gmbh is going to next level experience of charging, they enable charging of electric vehicles as they drive, this feature is going give new wireless charging method. In simple terms, they can charge their vehicles, while they are driving and this is applicable for electric vehicles.

In a statement, INDOT Commissioner Joe McGuinness said that like as day by day demand for electric vehicles is increasing and most of the places people start using electric vehicles widely, so as the demand for vehicles increases, the demand for charging also increases, not only charging people will going to demand the convenient charging place. Then, he added again, my motive for this new project is quite clear, he said, ” I only to grow a convenient charging system and infrastructure to grow”. He also added that he is very excited about his new project. He also told that he wants to explore and manage this new idea with his partner, both of them are going to explore the world of the wireless charging systems of vehicles into the highway infrastructure.

According to them, this project is very advanced and is part of Advancing Sustainability by Power Infrastructure which is for the Road Electrification Initiative. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation. This project requires many stakeholders, involves government laboratories, businesses and the collaboration of universities. They all are going to develop the next generation charging method for the electric vehicles of all classes.

This project is going to be in three phases. In the first phase and the second, this project will be going to feature testing of pavement, analysis and optimization, this research will be conducted by the Joint Transportation programme, present at the West Lafayette campus of Purdue’s. Now, in the third phase, at a location INDOT will be going to build a quarter-mile long testbed, the area is not fixed till now. In the third phase, engineers will check the concentrating capacity of charge heavy trucks at high power. After all these successful testing, INDOT will use this new technology for electric wireless charging.

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