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Google Just Extended The Deadline Of Integrating With Google Play Billing – Everything You Need To Know


Google last year introduced its Google Play billing system in September 2020. This billing system did exist before 2020 but was clarified explicitly to its developers in 2020. 

Google in the year 2020 started pushing its developers to use the Google Play billing system. This required the developers to integrate and get paid through the Google billing system.

The last day to integrate with the billing system was 30 th September 2021. But certain developers have still not integrated their billing system with Google. Google thus extended this deadline by six months.

The Google billing system as expressed by Google is completely secure and your card data will be stored properly and would not be exploited by Google. This billing system is user-friendly as well as developer-friendly. It is quite easy to use and understand.

Earlier only some developers knew the billing system. But it was made clear last year in September 2020, by highlighting certain points in the documents in Google Policy, even though the billing rule existed before 2020. The billing system clearly states that all the digital products, applications sold through Google will require the developer to pay a certain percentage of their revenue to Google.

A major issue for the developers has been the ongoing pandemic. Due to the pandemic, it’s hard for certain developers to do the work immediately. Their engineering teams look after the game or app live miles apart,  which makes it hard to integrate new systems and updates into the digital product. There are various issues that these big and small developers face.

Due to the pandemic and other reasons given by these big and small developers Google extended the deadline by six months which is good news for the developers. The new deadline as decided by Google is 31 st March 2022. This new deadline is for all developers who want to integrate theGoogle billing system into their digital goods. 

One important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that this extension is just stated by Google and will be granted only after the developers appeal for it through the Google Help Center. The developers are required to give valid points for the inconvenience and then they will be granted the extension. Google clears that it will review each case and then take an action so it’s important for all the developers who want an extension to submit their cases with valid reasons to Google’s Help Center.

Google’s billing system will charge the developers a 30% fee which the developers need to give from their revenue granted by selling the digital goods through Google. This charge is quite high. Apple too charges a 30%  commission on in-app purchases as Google does. While Microsoft on the other hand does allow the developer to use a third-party billing system which Apple and Google don’t. Microsoft allows third-party billing systems only when it fits their criteria and basic requirements. It provides the system without charging any fee. 

Paytm the biggest competitor of Google Pay recently announced that it looks forward to helping the Indian developers and thus will launch the Android mini App Store which will not charge the developers.

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