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Blast Brigade Trailer Dropped Following PAX Event – Watch Here


Blast Brigade is a colorful 2D action-adventure that combines intense platform with Metroidvania exploration. So you just need to assemble a team of superspies and shoot your way. Some of the features assemble your bridge, assemble the team of four superspies, and switch between them on the fly to utilize their unique ability and progress throughout the game. You should use abilities wisely make good use of the perk system: a grenade launcher, a grappling hook, a chakram-teleporter, and more tools will be at your disposal.

So we can see icy hollows located in the freezing mountains of Dr. Creed’s island. which is a creed legend mining camp, It’s a mining facility inside its icy hollows and we can’t just go inside its block by the big glass door but fortunately, we have Shure with us and she can manage to open the new pass and she has a grappling hook ability that will help us to create a new part.  You can see the frozen cave there are some abundant areas here and some hazardous traps here such as icicles and these wooden platforms that will collapse in a few seconds if you stay too long on them and this is a kind of Metroidvania style exploration. You just need to find your pass to the goal and here we found the lever to open the doors itself that was on the top. Now you can venture forward inside the facility itself.

This is ideal it’s a metallic style game and when you enter the facility there are obviously some credit minors and there is a particular guy who is nasty because he has the shield you can just damage him or you need to either wait when he lowers his shield then you can use the surest hook to make him lower his shield faster. You also have a sniper rifle to help you and that helps you to get rid of those small guys that are far from you, you can shoot them quite easily. You need to aim for the hooks as well and then you can open the parts further with another lever and go down to meet another cool new monster. You just need to be careful and also you can found some secret gold.

Even blast Brigade has no confirmed release date yet, developers are planning to offer this game maybe it will steam on this coming September. You will enjoy definitely prepare for a wide variety of boss fights that will tempt and test you. You have to encounter hybrid monstrosities, giant robots, and plenty of other evil minions. So you see in this game different parts which have new challenges for you, you just need to be careful. That helps you achieve your goals because in this game you can see the big challenges which are really interesting. When you complete all the fights you will get a new character its Kawajad and he has a kind of cool mi6 Scottish spy. And after that, you can see a couple of puzzles that are special for Galahad after this you get a cyber key card that helps you to learn about yourself. So you just she in this different cool character.

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