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Investors Guide To Zomato Stock Price Prediction By IPO 2021 – Is It Safe To Invest In This Pandemic Situation


Just we know that Zomato is a big brand that has currently 100 million users. Zomato’s Initial Public Offering(IPO) which have gone down in the gray market, So we have seen the losses just like the gray market premium which is today at 12 percent it seems like it goes down 8 percent because yesterday it was 13 to 17  percent.  So you can see some of the things that are not good but they are doing their best and if you want a share in this Zomato IPO. So you just need to take the subscription that was open on 14th July and remain open for the subscription on 16th July. So you have only one day to take a subscription it could close 16th July at 2 pm.

Info Edge company which shared a lot for this Zomato and it has most of the shares of Zomato. Because if we see the previous growth of this company, the share was 4732 rupees and after one month it becomes 5380 rupees. So you can see the tremendous growth of this share. And If we talk about Zomato’s Gray Market Premium which is like ups and down and currently GPM is 8.75 rupees to 9.00 rupees which were at 13 rupees to 17 rupees. We already know that it is not fixed and sometimes it grows at a higher price. If people want to invest in IPO then definitely they will earn profit. So you had only three days to place your bid and now you have only one day. But it is also not confirmed that you’ll get a share.

Here is the issue type we know there are two types of issues first one is the Fixed Price issue which is fixed and the second one is the Book Building issue so here is the book building issue. In the book building, you have a range and the range is which is IPO price 72 to 76 rupees where you can bid according to you but you should try to bid at a higher price. Because Zomato will be oversubscribed in the future. Here is a lot size, which is 195 so if you want this lot size, you just need to pay 14,800 rupees if you want one lot size. And the allotment will decide on 22 July if you didn’t get any lot then your money will refund on 23rd July. who will get a share will check their Demat account on 26th July and IPO listing will on 27th July.  So these are some of the predictions which will hype and people will get more profit from this. So if you want your company more profitable so you can invest in this, this is a game of hype.

Because this pandemic affects a lot  Zomato IPO Avinash Gorakshkar of Profitmart Securities said, we can expect 10 to 15 percent listing gains from the IPO business model. So we can see this data and we can assume that it will give profit to the company because data shows this it will gain more.

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