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Google Pixel 6 Pro Will Have A Telephoto Camera, 4.3X Optical Zoom With Its Ultra Tele Zoom Feature


Apple has always been a leading producer of high-end phones that have an incredible lens. But Apple is always criticized for being ungenerous with the production and design of its camera, and the hardware and telephoto lens it uses for it. Well, there’s good news, Google announced that they will be launching their first-ever telephoto camera.

Google has acquired a remarkable spot in the mobile market by launching the Google Pixel. This phone has been loved by many due to the surprising tricks it could do as well as take incredible photos with just a 12 MP camera. The one thing Google is best at is the AI and algorithms which are amazing in the Google Pixel but how far can you go with these algorithms thus it was time for google to develop and work on its camera as well.

The news that Google Pixel 6 XL or Pro will have a telephoto camera is the biggest update and people can’t wait for it. It is the first telephoto camera Google will be launching. 

Google in the past few months has launched a lot of flagship phones as well but they did not contain as much camera hardware that Google could flaunt. The earlier Google Pixels had the main camera that was close to 12.2 MP which had a dual pixel PDAF, and the ultra-wide was a 16 MP camera. Google earlier didn’t think about investing in premium camera hardware and mostly relied on its software to compete with the high-end phones.

The news of the Google Pixel 6 XL having a telephoto camera are rumors spread by fans or business insiders but if those rumors are true,  it is expected that the telephoto camera will be 48 MP and the ultra-wide will be 12 MP. Google has lowered the megapixels for its ultra-wide camera from 16 MP to 12 MP. The main camera will be 50 MP which has been upgraded.

The telephoto camera is rumored to have a periscope-style lens. The lens of the telephoto camera will have an incredible zoom effect and will focus better due to the periscope-style lens. This periscope camera will employ a prism mirror system and will extend its focal length by positioning the image sensor and zooms lens array sideways.

The XDA conducted an examination of Google camera app version 8.2.400. There were certain Android 12 Beta 3 disclosures and the potentials of the new camera that came forward due to the examination. The code of the app reveals the following – “zoom_toggle_ultratele” option and a “5x text” is also shown in the UI of the app. This clearly points out that Google will have a new feature that will be marketed by the name Ultra Tele Zoom which will let you zoom up to 5x. 

This zoom feature is different from the other zoom options provided in some high-end phone brands because it is said that this Ultra Tele Zoom will give you up to 4.3x optical zoom.

If this feature is provided by Google in its Pixel 6 XL it might become the best Android phone of the year.

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