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Will The New 2022 Macbook Pros Include A UHS-II Sd Card Reader And 32 Gb Ram? Read More Here


Apple is planning on launching the new Macbook Pro this year. With its launch, there are certain rumors about what this model will bring with it. Famous Youtuber Luke Miani, who is an Apple enthusiast,  asserted that the new Macbook will include a UHS-II SD card reader which is much faster than its old version, the UHS- I card. 

The old Macbooks like Macbook Pro and Macbook Air models had the UHS-I SD card reader which was quite slow. The new rumored UHS-II SD card reader is believed to be thrice the speed of the old card reader.

Luke Miani also claimed that the new Macbook model will be limited to 32 GB of RAM only. 

For the past couple of months, the news about the new Macbook has been glazing on fire while the Youtuber Luke Miani, is just adding spice to the fire. He also claimed that this new Macbook will come with a feature long-awaited by the Apple designers but it will possess certain red flags and also has the power to completely paralyze the device. The feature itself is a boon and a curse.

As claimed by Maini that the upcoming MacBook will have a UHS-II SD card reader, many other sources like the Apple Track article have hypothesized that a UHS-II SD card reader will be available on the Macbook Pro.

The new UHS-I SD card reader has a reading capacity of  312 MB/s which is thrice the reading capacity of the UHS- I card reader which has appeared earlier in some laptops. Apple’s latest laptops to include the SD card readers were the Apple Macbook Air from the year 2017 and the Apple Macbook Pros from the year 2015. The SD card readers of these old Macbooks had a reading capacity of 75-90 MB/ s.

Looking at the reading speed for the UHS-II SD card reader many IT professionals, YouTubers, videographers, photographers will be quite happy as their work would get done much faster but one bad news that Luke Miani did disclose was about the RAM capacity. This new Macbook will have 32 GB RAM which is quite less for these professionals as they work with tons of data on a daily basis. So it’s quite disappointing to see Apple’s latest high-end laptop with such low RAM capacity.

These are all rumors and we don’t know if it’s true or not. One such rumor that has resurfaced is that the Apple Macbook will have 64 GB of RAM similar to what other Macbooks till now had. 

Maini also reported that the Touch ID sensor that Apple has will now have an additional feature where it will have a backlight. So when you unlock your phone it will glow. Maini also wishes to make an additional update where the backlight will glow when you receive a notification, logins, alarms, etc. These Are not actually included in the Macbook but are luke Maini’s own personal aspirations.

As the launch day comes closer and closer there will be more and more rumors surfacing over the internet. Out of all these rumors, we don’t know which is accurate. But it needs to be noted that Maini does not usually disclose about Apple’s features so it’s obscure whether he knows it all or is just bluffing.

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