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WhatsApp Launches Multi-Device Support Upto 4 Devices Without A Phone Through Latest Beta Update


Hey, Good news for every WhatsApp user, I know you all are amazed after reading this. Now, Whatsapp is coming with brand new features. In the new feature, Whatsapp is going to support multi-device. Users can log in to their one single account on four devices. At the starting of the program or can say that new features that are Beta program, the only few public can use this feature. This is not valid every time, but this is only for checking. When it is confirmed, then all users can use this awesome program. So, I would like to suggest you read this full article, you will get to know the upcoming feature and program.

Very Soon, WhatsApp is going to start its new early testing. As mentioned in the heading, now you are going to login into a single WhatsApp account on multiple devices. These features give you a login to your WhatsApp on four other devices simultaneously. I know this news is leaked much time, many types of rumors are also spreading regarding this news. Now, this time you can believe this news because this is the official announcement. This news is officially announced by none other than CEO Mark Zuckerberg, He is the founder and CEO of Facebook and not only Mark Zukerberg announces this but also the Chief of WhatsApp says their words regarding this news. So, this time it seems to confirm that this feature is coming. Both the Facebook CEO and Chief of WhatsApp confirm that probably, within One or two months, they are going to Start a multi-device of public beta users. I hope, the results of this testing will come good.  After the testing procedure, then these features will start for all WhatsApp users and seriously, this is going to be very comfortable for everyone. They can easily access their own account on other devices also.

This popular feature of WhatsApp is Tweeted by WABetanifo on 6th July, in which he wrote that they are going to start the testing will start very soon. He also said very soon, they will let us know how to take part in the tracker rollout testing of the public beta program. This Public Beta Program is available for only a few users in the starting, so for this users have to follow WABetainfo, WEBetainfo is necessary for follow because it will give notification real-time updates.

Hey, one important note for you all is, according to feature tracker users who are going to plan to take part in the public beta program, users have the latest version of Androidoid and iOS platform. Maybe Beta Program’s first version is going to launch very soon and before using Company wants to test this. From the sources, we know that for one year this feature is going for development. This feature is coming delay, For this company said that it is quite challenging technology for your message and contact to sink. However, the company tells have patience company is coming with the beta program very soon.

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