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Twitter Aims To Make The Space More Safe And Healthy For Its Users, Now You Can Choose Who Can Reply To Your Tweets, And Avoid Drama


Twitter, the social networking site quite famous for its tweet and furious tweet wars, has made a recent update. Earlier the registered users could post, like, tweet and retweet on the tweets and the unregistered users could only view the posts. But Twitter came up with a new update where you can control and change who can reply to your tweets. This update came out on  13th July, Tuesday.

Over the past years, Twitter has been updating its communication system for users. It earlier changed some features and introduced new features which made it easier for the users to reply to a tweet and also control who can reply to your tweets.

This new feature that Twitter will be updating is all about keeping your post and your tweet clean and user-friendly.

Twitter has always been a place where people like to speak their heart and they used to tweet slang or spread negativity on certain people’s posts which now can be controlled and changed.

This feature helps you to choose who can reply even after you have already put forth who you don’t want on your posts. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the three dots provided on the right-hand side of your post. There you will get an option of where you can change who can reply to your post.

Twitter made an update last year in August where it pulled out the reply- a limiting feature from the empirical test stage and made it available for all its users. The reply-limiting feature thus gave a new option where you could choose before posting, who could reply to your post. The options included – everyone, people you follow, or people you mention. This update helped users to keep their reply section clean and out of the drama.

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey in an interview did confirm the planning to make Twitter a better place for public conversation and make it a healthy place for people where users do not feel threatened but feel loved. This was expressed as the company’s objective which it aspires to accomplish.

This feature update will promote their objective and keep the networking space healthy for its users. This feature is quite loved by the users. Some do hate it but it is beneficial and will keep drama out of this network space. This feature according to the company is developed for those users who come on the network space for fun but get bullied on there and get unwanted attention. This feature thus makes the users feel safe online.

This feature is made available for Android, iOs, and for the web.

 Earlier in June, the product designer who designed this feature Lena Emera tweeted about certain new features that Twitter will be coming up with to make twitter safe and healthy for the users. She did confirm these were just product ideas that will be tested first and if they are liked by the users implemented later.

This feature’s expansion was first observed by Jane Manchun Wong. She is an expert observer and had earlier observed the inclusion of Apple Sign-in and Google Sign-in options that Twitter will be providing to its new users.

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