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The Verification Process Of Twitter Facing Problems As It Verifies Some Fake Accounts


We all know that as per the records 100 million users posted 340 million tweets a day. So you can see a large no of people who are joined Twitter but some of them have fake accounts, which may be harmful to others. They purposely make their fake accounts and spread threaten or may be stock or spread rumors and many things. So in the recent situation on June 16th  Twitter permanently suspends some fake accounts which were mistakenly verified by the process.

As per the Daily Dot, Reports Twitter said mistakenly it happened and it depicts when data scientist Conspirator Norteño discover Six fake accounts which were created on 16th June but now they are identified and out of sic five are permanently suspended and one of them deactivate their account and remove their badge. Under the manipulation and spam policy. So it can be possible that Twitter’s verification process having some problems, that’s why they allow an unauthorized person to make their original id and have a blue badge also. So for the security purpose, Twitter recently announces public verification applications with new eligibility criteria which will fir on these criteria and the criteria is authentic, active and notable for the verification. Which unauthorized accounts were identified none of them following these criteria.


These six fake accounts having also 976 mistrustful followers which were common in all accounts and all accounts were created on the same dates. Norteño shared These 976 accounts are part of an astroturf botnet consisting of (at least) 1212 accounts. The network is split into followers, which follow the aforementioned verified accounts as well as other members of the botnet, and followers, which are followed by the other bots. So these things happened but the question is how these things can be executed like it’s a more secure place and how they were getting verified in the first place. But after that, they were taken quick action and how they create their verified account still they don’t have knowledge about that, but they take action quickly. So in the new policy, you can see if accounts that no longer updated so maybe it automatically removes them, and again you verified yourself for the confirmation or you just need to restart.

Meet @aykacmis, @degismece, @anlamislar, @aykacti, @kayitlii, and @donmedim these are the account which was they found in a suspicious manner and Twitter take quick action as per the information. We know that Twitter relaunched in May their application process and additional categories that may help to identify easily and that categories are like government; companies, brands, and organizations; news organizations and journalists; entertainment; sports and gaming; and activists, organizers, and other influential individuals. So these are the six categories that may help to identify this threatening process. And no one can make these kinds of unauthorized accounts.  It also questioned their security that how can be these things happened then all people just blame how it possible. So these kinds of policies may help to secure their privacy and no one can easily access it.

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