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It’s Persona’s 25th Birthday And Atlus Has 7 New Announcements To Make


An announcement has done by Atlus, for the celebration of the series of Persona. This is going to be the celebration of the 25th anniversary. Hey, this is not a rumor, this is the official announcement made by Atlus. For initiating this event, the website has launched by them. Seriously, they are planning something very big. When you open this website, it teases different types of projects, in this seven types of projects, are included. They are going to release this project in September, this year 2021, and the starting of 2022. One good thing is that if you open some of the pages present on this website tell little information about the announcement. After visiting this page, you could expect something about the upcoming announcement. Let me tell you one thing, you should have to prepare your mind, that there is no guaranteed confirmation about the announcement which is related to Nintendo. So it is a possibility, they are going to announce about Nintendo, but keep in mind there is no confirmation about this.

They had announced 5 million units. They uploaded a post, in which they are expressing their feelings and happiness to all those people, who have watched and supported them for a long term and they are very happy and thanks to all those people and their fans. They also added in their post, is in September finally they will celebrate the 25th  anniversary with the full celebrations to you all, they are inviting everyone. They also said they are preparing this event with lots of fun, they are celebrating the Persona anniversary for approx one year, which will start from 2021 September to the coming the next year 2022. If you read this post, you will get to see that they are planning very big for this event and most amazing thing is that, they are celebrating this for one year.

Now coming to the Nintendo system, this system has not so much history related to the Persona series. So most probably, we do not accept they are coming to Nintendo switch. If talking about Nintendo Switch, they had received some of the series like Koei Tecmo’s Musco, Persona 5 stickers. In the past Persona Q and Persona Q2, these two are also releases in the 3D on Nintendo switch. After some time they had also added Super Smash Bros was added by the Persona 5joker, it was ultimate like a DLC fighter.

From all these posts and announcements, there is confirmation of one thing they are going to do something very big but, what if no one knows. If you ever visited the website, the several information is present there. Do you have any guess what they are planning? What is the new mode of celebration? As mentioned earlier, they are going to celebrate this for one year, which means this September to the next. Do you think these are coming in Nintendo Switch? What is your expectation regarding this? Comment all your thought.

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