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Google Meet Has Started Limiting Group Video Calls To 1 Hour For Non Premium Users


Hey, are you excited to hear this? I know most of you are very excited to hear this, who have a google meet subscription. Because, as we know after COVID there is the switching of work takes place from office to work. Earlier days, people went to the office and do their work. Before Covid physical appearance is most important in the office and Work from is a secondary thing. But, after this Pandemic work from home is most suitable for workers, and the most important thing in work from home is a video call. You have to attend video calls by giving the presentation and for meetings and many more. So because of this demand for video calls, increases and number of apps offer this feature and google is one of them.

At the end of June, Without any announcement, Google had stopped extending unlimited calls. According to the support page which is supported through 9 to 5 google, Google has come with an end to their unlimited group video calls for free users of Gmail account. After this, users without a subscription can enjoy their meeting and group video calls for only one hour, but before free users, that means without a subscription of Google meet users can also enjoy the unlimited calls for twenty-four hours. But at the end of June Google quietly stop this offer.

Seriously, many of you have an amazing experience using Meet. Many of you enjoy the offer which was given by google to users. This offer of a Google meeting was very helpful for the users as much official work came online due to the coronavirus. By giving these offers, there is no worry of cutting calls or creating long-time meetings which will go through as many hours as you wish. These offers are also helpful for family members for having long calls without any disturbance of phone cutting, you can be on call for 24 hours also. Last year, this offer was opened for everyone in April. The company promised to give this offer till September. But company extended this offer into March 2021 and not this company also extended this offer till June 2021. But at the end of June, this offer was stopped. But one thing is good for you all, it still allows one on one calls to continue as long as you want. But this Google meet video call cost 7.99 dollars per month, but, they are going to increase their price by 9.99 dollars per month after January 2022.

Google has come with this offer to compete with its rival Zoom. Like Google, Zoom has one-to-one calls that are unlimited, but Zoom video calls are different from Meet. Zoom has a limit of 40 minutes for the meeting, but Google Meet has a limit of 1 hour now.

During Pandemic many offers were brought by different companies Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft for business communication, and the long family meetings. Now, after this, it depends on people, which video call app they prefer.

Write in a comment which app do you use during the Pandemic and which app you will be going to use now.

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