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Google Introduces New Tools For Android Game Developers To Increase Games’ Reach And Performance


Google in the upcoming week will have a ‘Google for Games Developer Summit’. This summit is held once every year and Google LLC organizes it. The summit that is to be held next week has big news for all the Android game developers. There are certain new variations, technologies that Google wants to introduce to these game developers.

Android has been the world’s most beloved and popular platform to enjoy games, said Greg Hartrell. He leads the product management team for games that are meant for Android and Google Play. According to him, a single person approximately spends 1.4 trillion minutes every month playing a game. On an everyday basis, we might not feel the difference but it’s true that games have become an eminent part of our lives. 

Due to such wide popularity of games, it’s important that Google launches something that can benefit these game developers. Hartrell believes that these Google platforms should be made useful for the developers and various monetizing systems should be included to help the developers. Therefore Google now includes 275 forms of payment methods and has legalized it in more than 65 countries that the users can pay through. Also, Google provides to its users 180 carrier billing options which means you can pay online using the different forms of payment options provided by Google. Google also has a system of offering gift cards to its users and till today these gift cards are sold to over 900,000 different locations. This will benefit the developers on one side and Google on the other side.

The new updates for the Android game developers include new tools and features that can help the developers increase the traffic they bring to their game and also receive feedback that can improve their performance in the future. These updates can teach the developers how they can boost the game’s reach.

One new feature Google has introduced for the developers includes Google’s Play Fast Asset Delivery. This feature will allow the users to install the game faster thus players can access the game faster. Also lesser space will be occupied by the game on the user’s device. This feature will allow developers to accelerate the process of installing the game.

Another feature that Google has introduced for the developers is the Android Performance Tuner. This feature will help you to provide the best experience to your users. Here you can access the frame rate stability and graphical fidelity through which you can make changes and scale up individual experience. You can thus make their gaming experience finer.

Other updates by Google include the  Android GPU Inspector. Now, these updates are more focused on actual game development and not on optimizing user experience. The Android GPU Inspector is a graphics profiling tool that gives developers insights into the devices while running the application.  As graphics of a game are important aspects so they need to be top-notch, which the AGI can help you with. You can boost the games by inducing better frame rates and also improve battery life.

There are certain other updates like the Android Games Development Extension for Visual Studio, Games Package Registry, and many more.

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