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For More Security, Microsoft Has Taken One Step Ahead And Ready To Buy Cybersecurity Company RiskIQ


We have known that today’s world moving toward digitalization and everything goes online, So we need security that protects our data and an unauthorized person couldn’t access our data. As we know that Microsoft has the third-highest global brand valuation, in 2020. So we can assume that how many people are using their products all over the world. So It’s Microsoft’s responsibility to make it more confidential, integrity, and available for the user. So according to these key points they have decided to acquire RiskIQ. RiskIQ is a San Francisco-based company that makes cloud software to detect security threats and help clients that how they can be attacked on complex webs of corporate networks and devices.  So basically its provide security software to the consumer so they can protect their crucial data from the third party.

Microsoft company announced this news on Monday through websites but didn’t disclose their terms and conditions. But some of the information that we get from Bloomberg that they will pay more than $500 million in cash for the company. So Microsoft wants more security for their products that is the reason they have been adding security features to products like Windows and Azure cloud services to protect individual machines and detects an attack on networks. Microsoft hasn’t laid out a detailed plan for how it will integrate risk IQ into its own securing offerings but it’s bound Risks IQ’s software across Microsoft  365 defender Microsoft Azure Defender and Microsoft azure sentinel, eventually, Risk IQ has built a strong customer base and community of security professional. Microsoft has been gradually growing and improving its security tools to enhance its productivity.

Microsoft says they want more comprehensive by adding RiskIQ in their core product so consumers can easily identify threats in their business. These are the things that make you more comfortable with your devices with these things you cant divert for any security purpose. It will also help to keep an eye on supply chain risk that may help to secure the organization and easily you can deal. We listen to many cases which are based on threatening so these are the important steps that the company has taken it also provide many apps to be secure. Wise president at Microsoft Eric Doerr said that RiskIQ helps the consumer to detect the threat and how can you be more secure like you can secure your entire enterprise, in Microsoft AWS, cloud, another cloud so these are the supply chain. RiskIQ helps an enterprise to detect a threat before any vulnerable situation.


So the aim of Microsoft to acquisition the RiskIQ is to give awareness to their consumers and give better protection. So the people can easily handle these kinds of the situation if happened ever because they know this kind of program. And In fact, it will provide best in class protection, investigation, and response against today’s threats. These are the only ways that may help you better security or better work to organize your enterprise. It will definitely help consumers for better protection.

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