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Twitter Is Now Soon To Introduce Sign-In With Apple Feature After Letting Users To Sign-In Through Google


It’s common to see online websites asking you to log in to enjoy their services and also access features that are only available on the other side. But it’s quite frustrating to remember all these usernames and the different passwords we have used to login into these websites.

This task was made easier by Google and Facebook which allowed you to access the websites by logging in through your Google or your Facebook account. Now Apple too wanted to join in and make it easier for its users to log in, so it introduced ‘login through Apple’ as a new login option. Apple first launched this feature in 2019 at the “Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)”. Apple wanted to develop a tracking-free platform for users through which they could log in to other apps and websites without proving their personal information to third-party accounts. Many websites have incorporated this feature. And now Twitter is pondering on including this option to make it easier for all its iPad and iPhone users.

While logging in through a Google or Facebook account it’s quite ambiguous. On one hand, you need not worry about remembering your password and login ID again and again as Google or Facebook will do the work on your behalf. You do not even require a password manager. But on the other hand, it’s risky as your personal information gets stored with these third-party SSO- Single Sign-On providers. It’s like surrendering to them.

One benefit you can get with Apple’s Sign-in is the way they handle privacy and security issues. Apple will hide your private information from these third-party accounts by giving you a proxy email that your true email will not be visible to these third-party accounts. But you can access this feature only if the app or website provides the Sign in with Apple feature with other SSO providers.

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service which allows users to post and interact with others’ messages often known as “tweets”. Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. (Wikipedia).

Twitter does not include any SSO providers. You need to sign in manually into your Twitter without linking your Google or Facebook account to it. But recently it has been rumored that Twitter is working towards incorporating Google Sign-ins. This news was tweeted by Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter and she even addressed that Twitter should also incorporate Apple Sign-ins. In another tweet, she confirmed that Twitter is working towards including both Sign-in.

The tweet included a code that Twitter is working on. It showed the CSP header of twitter’s HTTP response.

Signing In with Apple will require a two-factor authentication where you need to sign in to Apple’s iCloud with your Apple ID on your device.

It is confirmed that both these login options will be provided by Twitter but it’s not yet confirmed when they will arrive. It’s quite fascinating to see Twitter working on including a new SSO providers option even though Twitter has its own Sign in with Twitter SSO option. This might be a new technique to bring in more people to this social networking site.

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