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Scientists Have Developed A Spring Loaded Screw, Is This The Future Of Soundproofing?


Alright, I am sure today’s topic is going to be very interesting for all of you. So before I directly go into the topic my dear readers tell me how many times have you been awoken or were interrupted during a very important meeting due to the background sound especially when your neighbors are maybe having a renovation or they might be using the drilling machine for some need of theirs. It is very annoying, isn’t it? Like it only annoying when your neighbors do it but even if someone is using the drilling machine in your home for some work it will be pretty annoying and sometimes it can get on people’s nerves too because that sound itself hits your ears and brain so hard that you happy mood will also get all spoilt and you will become cranky and annoyed. Adding onto that these days there has been an increased amount of pollution not only by air and water but even noise pollution with the continuous honking of the various vehicles on the road, people shouting and screaming and arguing, and many more one of which is also the irritating sound from the drilling machines.

Now I am sure you all must be wondering why on earth will I be talking about this all of a sudden and I also know that you are agreeing with every word I say because we have somehow faced all of this at least once in our life. But we never really had a solution for this annoying issue, but that is until now. Well, the future is most definitely knocking on our doors because the new invention of the Spring-Loaded screw most definitely solves the problem and saves our ears from getting completely damaged by that understandable noise. A researcher at Malmö University named Håkan Wernersson, who is based at the Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics, has developed a screw that can halve the perceived sound level of any building and this is great news not only for residents but for construction workers as well after all the construction workers are also humans and I am sure they are also quite annoyed and must be very hurtful for them and their ears to stand the noise but they are helpless as they know they have to do their work. 

The best part about this screw is that it is no different than a normal screw when looking at it for its function yes the appearance is different as it has a springy feature at the top but other than that they both have the same function and all you have to do is replace your old screws with this new type of screw which will finish your work at the same time will do it with reduced noise pollution. Wernersson, who developed the screw in collaboration with an acoustician also said in his statement that, “With our screw, you can mount plasterboard directly to the walls, freeing up floor space, and a square meter of floor space can be worth thousands”. Now, this sure is great as it comes with so many benefits and is definitely going to be used by the majority of the people as it is you all who are gonna have all the winning privileges if you use this screw otherwise you are definitely stuck with all the noise pollution. The screw has already been tested at The Sound Research Laboratories in the U.K., at the Technical University in Denmark, and at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), AB. Mechanical. Tests in the sound labs. But for now, the revolutionary screw is still experimental. “It has not entered the market yet, and we, therefore, need more examples of projects or installations where the screws are used,” said Wernersson.

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