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Cannes Hotel Room Burglary: Jodie Turner-Smith Got Robbed Of Valuable Family Jewelry


In Cannes, at the Marriott hotel, a terrific incident had happened with  Jodie Turner-Smith, she was robbed of jewellery, which cost jewellery approx 14,000 dollars. After the housebreaking, she immediately moved to hotel Majestic. She was very tense and file a report against robbery. During the robbery, she lost many items, among these items she also lost her family jewels, she lost a ring, which belongs to her mother, that ring was her mother’s wedding ring. In this article, I give details of the robbery, after reading this, you will know everything, what exactly happened there. So, read this full article.

On Friday, In Cannes, a report reported by Jodie Turner-Smith, the report was based on a robbery of valuable jewels. Among these jewels, she also had her mother’s wedding ring. She went to that city for the new premiere of her movie, the name of her movie, ” After Yang”. In the morning time, she was doing breakfast, at that time robbers enter her room and do robbers and stole her expensive things and they also take away the wedding ring of her mother. The total amount items which were robbed 10,000 pounds. This incident had happened at the Marriott hotel. She never imagined that robbers broke her rooms and stole her items, and these things happened to her at the hotel.

Star of  “Queen and Slim” had moved to the Hotel Majestic, they found this from the Marriott. She said that they told me, they are giving me high-security details and they accompany her everywhere. She had come with her year daughter on the France trip and she said this was security given me by the security. She said they all told me that you do not have to worry about anything, but this had happened. From the sources, a report has noted, the actress has been targeted after they had seen her wearing gold and diamond jewellery, they had targeted her from Gucci jewellery line to her movie releases, during the night on Thursday. The jewellery which she wore at the event was immediately taken, after finishing the event. But robbers think that the jewellery was still in the actress room, so when she went to the breakfast, they came to her room and found the door was locked, they broke into the room and stole her expensive items.

After all these tragic incidents, happened to her, She worked very professionally and work in Cannes. She went to a motion talk having several women for Kings, this motion talk had done yesterday.

The publicist had confirmed the incident and told them that she had spent around 2.5 hours in the police station and reported the robbery. However, the local new article had published this in her paper, but they did not mention the name of the hotel and victim name.

There was no forced entry in the room, nothing was broken there, they opened the gate with the master card and the hotel is also investing this matter.

Star Queen shared this incident on Twitter and many of her fans replied and make her feel comfortable.

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