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Whatsapp To Soon Launch Snapchat-Style Disappearing Photos And Videos Feature To iPhones, Android User Have To Wait


With this ongoing pandemic and the continuous lockdown which is taking place people have been glued to their screen a lot these days and especially children and not only that no matter how bored we are and we have absolutely nothing to do on our phones yet you will find your phone in your hand trying to do something with that. Not only that but people who didn’t use any social media at one point in time have also downloaded and began using various social media sites as no one has anything to do and social media is the only thing that can rescue us from this boredom. So in short social media has had a gradual increase in their users which has obviously benefited them as who wouldn’t want their site to be a blockbuster hit. In addition to that we saw Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the American media magnate, internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is popularly known for co-founding Facebook, Inc. and serves as its chairman, chief executive officer, and controlling shareholder, have now also taken over Instagram and even Whatsapp. So basically almost every social media site which we use on a daily basis except for Twitter and Snapchat. I wonder and most of you also must wonder why didn’t they also take over Twitter and Snapchat, I mean what is the use of leaving the two? Anyways, coming back to today’s topic of discussion.

Recent reports suggest that WhatsApp is a step closer to bringing disappearing photos and videos to iPhones after rolling out the functionality to beta testers. Well, this new feature had rolled out for the iPhone users this Friday whereas this feature had rolled out for beta testing for the Android users earlier in June. This view once the feature has been originally dubbed by Snapchat and it will be just like the one which we encounter in Instagram while sending pictures or videos to someone. To add to that according to WABetaInfo, View Once will not stop recipients from taking screenshots of disappearing photos and videos, and senders will not be notified if screenshots are taken just like it was done on Instagram. Users of View Once will be able to see when their content has been viewed by looking out for an “Opened” message, per WABetaInfo. Other details, such as knowing who opened your photo or video, are available in “Message Info.” So in short it has copied the exact same feature as we had first encountered in Snapchat and the extra addition is that we will know when exactly and which person saw the picture or video in the message info which we can even right now. 

To be honest at times this view once feature is beneficial at the same tie it can be very annoying too so I am not sure how much popularity will this feature gain in Whatsapp as deleting the picture or video completely deletes it from the phone that is one good feature of Whatsapp but this I am not so sure as many users don’t use Snapchat as they find it quite annoying how the picture and video times out by itself. Well, time will only prevail whether this new feature will receive more likes or dislikes.

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