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OnePlus Will Launch Its Buds Pro Edition Soon, Applications Open For Early Testing


OnePlus has had an amazing release when it came to the release of Bluetooth headphones which kept all of us speechless with its amazing sound quality and both output and input. Now, OnePlus has announced an upgraded version which will be coming soon. Now can you imagine how mind-blowing these new Bluetooth headphones will be after all the OnePlus Buds Z and OnePlus Buds have definitely got a lot of likes and a lot of good comments from everyone who has used it. And to be honest I will give you my personal opinion and so if you are looking for cost-effective and good quality headphones for the OnePlus Buds Z as it is just so amazing that you wouldn’t even imagine that at such a cost such an amazing product is available. 

Now coming back to the original topic for the day as OnePlus announces the upgraded version of the OnePlus Buds called the OnePlus Buds Pro although the official announcement did not provide us with the release date I am sure it will hit the markets really soon as they have already begun their early testing. So here the OnePlus Buds Pro made its revelation and here I am sure all the OnePlus owners and users are all pumped up and pretty excited for it to arrive at the market so that you all can hurry to the nearest OnePlus store and get your hands on the new release. 

Well adding on to the good news and also the excitement levels of all the OnePlus users the firm has announced that people can apply to be one of the first to review the latest device which as I mentioned earlier is the OnePlus Buds Pro, much ahead of the currently unannounced release date. The deadline for applications is July 17th, and winners will be announced on the 21st, and then the devices will be sent to select lucky reviewers on the 22nd of the same month. Now that definitely has made you even happier. After all, getting free OnePlus products is definitely a really huge thing but the only question is that there will be a lot of people who will take part in this so will you stand out and be one of the lucky winners?

But here comes the twist so the winners will have to agree to an embargo as well, although the date for that has not been set yet. OnePlus has also said, “Reviewers will receive devices around the official launch event date.” So, this hints at the fact that the launch of the brand new OnePlus Buds Pro will happen anytime in July before the month ends. This is so exciting that I myself am having an adrenaline rush as this is really huge. Although the company did not reveal much about the specs of this brand new model, according to our reports, what we know by the name suggests that it will rival Apple’s Airpods Pro with a design that seals against your ear canal, and also offers Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) just like the Airpods Pro. for further information you need to sit tight my dear readers and wait for the next official announcement from the OnePlus company itself.

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