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Gmail Is The Next Google App After Chrome To Adopt Android 12’s Animated Splash Screen


We all have heard about the announcement by Google about a new feature called the splash screen API which came alongside the Android 12 DP3 in April. And all the android users who are reading about this must be familiar with this feature but for those of you who have no clue about this feature let me provide you with an insight into what exactly is the splash screen feature is in the new Android 12. 

A splash screen is mostly the first screen that pops up when you first open the app. It is a constant screen that appears for a specific amount of time, generally showing for the first time when the app is launched. It consists of an intro-app motion at launch and the basic use of a Splash screen is to display some basic introductory information such as the company logo, content, etc just before the app loads completely. And just to add onto that a little piece of information this loading of the app will not take much of your time if you are thinking so. The maximum amount of time it will take to load the app is a split second but then again the speed of the loading of your app will completely depend on your network connectivity and the strength and speed of your internet connection.

Every app which is opened on Android 12 has this whimsical experience provided to you. This is a very creative way as they will need new updates otherwise every software update will end up becoming monotonous and will become very boring for the Android users. So the developers of the Android 12 thought that they should make the “startup a more consistent and delightful experience” but this whimsical experience was missing in only one of the most used Google apps and that is the Gmail but whereas Drive had already had this update as soon as it came out in the Android 12. 

Well, now recent news brings in that Gmail is up for this update and soon all Android users will be able to see the splash screen feature being available for Gmail. So now as far as we know according to the reports, as soon as you open the app and by the time it loads your default inbox, there will be an “M” visible on your screen which will completely fill out at the center and then you will be in your inbox getting to see all your emails. This new update is still rolling out via the Play Store but doesn’t worry it will be seen in your Android phones soon enough. 

So to conclude, I would like to describe this whimsical experience a bit more as to be very honest I find it very pretty how the app loads itself. At the start when you tap at any app it will expand out from where it’s located on the home screen until it takes over the four corners of the screen. When you open an app you haven’t yet launched the app in its fullest manner thus having a cold start at the beginning, then you are greeted with the creative splash screen that features the icon and will vary for every app you open, that is the warm start. And once the app has been launched and the users left that app they will not be subject to extra delay when getting back to an app they just opened, which is the hot start. I hope this information about the creativity of the developers of Android 12 has come of some use to you all, my dear readers.

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