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China’s DiDi Prepares To Launch In The UK Which Is Not Fine For Uber


We all are seeing that this time Uber has faced so many problems day by day and now Didi has decided to launch in the UK. This news is not good for Uber, It feels under pressure.   Didi is kind of  China’s biggest ride-hailing company, provides 20 million rides a day in China to users who sign up through an app that uses a phone number and password. Didi collects user location and trip route data, for safety and data analysis. So you can see here Didi’s driver earns more than the Uber driver even they are not earning minimum wage. So these are the difference you can see that is the reason behind that day by day Uber going down.

You can see Didi is growing day by day because of their good policies which didn’t affect the drivers and also the company. They maintain the balance so no one can feel dejected. That is the reason behind Didi’s success and you can see Didi operates in 15 countries and has begun ramping up its operations in the UK, hiring staff in London and Manchester. If you want to identify that what kind of things affects Uber so you just listen to Uber’s driver’s opinion. So now one competitor increases Ola, Bolt, and Kapten already competing against Uber. in Uber list because  They define all the things that they were facing and instead of Didi’s drivers who are happy with what they earn. So these are the difference between Didi and Uber now you can see how Didi is working day by day and increase their productivity and performance.

Some of the things about the Didi company is likely to plot a move into the capital after its first two licenses were granted in the north of England. Didi’s arrival in the UK comes as it faces a growing backlash in its home country amid a clampdown by Beijing on some of China’s biggest tech companies. Some of the problems that they also faced that is the reason that they launch in different countries. They earn a big amount but some of the rules and regulators pulled Didi from Chinese app stores just days later, citing national security concerns. After this decision that was taken from the company, Didi faced so many problems like the company’s shares, which are now trading well below the $14-per-share price set at its IPO. After this, they just want to raise their performance and they are going to launch in the UK. The timing of the executive action, followed by an order that Chinese app stores detach Didi until the matter is set on, not only sent the stock price dive but also added to a growing chorus that the Chinese government has taken off on an aggressive attempt to curtail its mega-technology companies after years of cheering and preparing their success. So just we can see that they are doing their best to raise their performance maybe it will help to increase their performance in countries.

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