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China Has Ordered DiDi To Takedown 25 Apps Associated With It


The order has given by the China government, this order was based on the app from the app store. The government ordered that app to remove which are owned by Didi Global Inc, the largest ride-hailing service in the country.  The regulator of china had blamed severe violations of rules, this blame is based on the collecting personal data. In simple, the Regulatory body of china blamed Didi Global Inc, that they collect the personal data of their customers and these things are illegal, so they had ordered to remove this app from the App store. So read this full article, you will get some more interesting information.

Last Sunday,  already in China’s cyberspace, the administration had been taken a step towards the Didi Global Inc, they head down the main Didi app from the app store.  The app has been holding for the reason of security. These all things mean App from the app store and hold for the security reason purpose, these all started last week, after this app had come on the stock market of United States. Now talking about the App, Didi Enterprises consist of all the 25 additional apps and one app is specially designed for the drivers of Didi. From all these things happening in the Didi app, the speaker of Didi did not respond to any time of comment immediately.

These steps of the Chinese body move forward after the announcement done by the authorities, they said they would start the monitoring overseas company and keep an eye on them. From this supervision, they will able to manage the regulation of data, prevent data from cross border flows and they will also able to do the management confidential data. According to them, with this measure, they are trying to improve the security of data from cross-border flows and also maintain or manage confidential data.

Now, coming to Didi, Didi is the latest company in china, which is going with critical observation and examination from the government of China. In the period of investigation, the government found that the Didi is collecting data and uses personal information, and the government pus some serious allegations on them. Earlier this week, this statement had said by the regulatory body of the internet, in China. The company was said,” to rectify problems, but they gave no details”.

The regulatory body of the internet has also told Didi that they had banned collecting or accept new customers, this order is valid till the process of investigation. Didi company had started in the year 2012, the aim the company to work as a taxi-hailing app, and after that, this company has expanded its business in various types of the ride-hailing app. This company also has options of private buses and cars. They say they have started investigation in electric cars, much other technology development, and artificial intelligence.

What do you think about Didi? Will Didi get clean chit and work as they work before? Will this company permanently banned by China government?

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