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After The Improvement Chips Are Still Quite Tight According To The CEO Of AMD


We have seen this year that how much digitalization increase like all work depending on the system so people just want a good capacity system. All people just depending on their system to complete the work so you can assume that how much important is this. We all are working on the computer or I think the whole world which faced this pandemic. How people close themself in their home then how to do work. Then the only option is online through your system so we can assume that how much demand in these recent years. And to fulfill all needs it quite difficult but they are doing their best.

AMD CEO Lisa Su is saying that the company’s PC graphics cards will remain in short supply for the rest of the year. She is just signaling that these things may be happened in near future. In an interview, some of the questions asked by Barron that how you will fulfill the semiconductor shortage in the future. So she replies that the company currently relies on Taiwan’s TSMC to manufacture both CPU processors and graphics chips. Although she said that AMD’s original attempted to forecast the demand were admittedly off the mark. These are the things that happen because of the covid 19. All industries are affected by this pandemic or facing lots of losses.

She also shared some of the things that how companies have been trying to boost the manufacturing capacity, but we have all see how the recent 12-year demand has far exceeded. So it’s difficult to fulfill but still, they are trying. To resolve these kinds of problems they are contacted many companies like Microsoft to help increase the Xbox series XS production which has been restricted due to some parts of the production. A range of issues intersected through 2020 and 2021 to cause severely limited supply in graphics cards and CPUs. These are the things that are exacerbated for many companies because many companies which are dependent on semiconductor which they are not finding. Recently we have seen that a car company who faces a huge loos and shut to manufacturing the cars because they don’t have semiconductor.

The other factor is how cryptocurrency mining sent demand for GPUs skyrocketing in 2021. However, it remains unclear whether the same demand will sustain itself as the Ethereum cryptocurrency prepares to phase out GPU-based mining. So you can see how it affects most of the companies and according to Su orders for chips, production is placed years in advance, meaning it’ll take some time for TSMC to create the extra capacity.  So the work is going on so the thing is every work take time to settle down after some time may they fulfill. Su already mentions that this year it could be quite tight but yes in next year it will better. Due to increases in AMD capacity, Su said buyers will “see more output every quarter for sure”. So yes after the time all things will be in the right manner.

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