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Silent Hill: Revelation Trailer, Leaks And Rumors Addressed By The Bloober Team – Latest Updates And Everything Else To Know


Silent Hill is a horror media franchise centered on a series of survival horror video games, created by Keiichiro Toyama developed and published by  Konami. So we have seen different series of Silent Hill and now people have been looking for clues to a new Silent Hill game since franchise owner Konami announced a partnership with Polish developer Bloober Team. We have listed some rumors about Silent Hill which was like spread by the Bloober team but this team denied that they didn’t leak any kind of rumors about this game. They also speak about they are working on Silent Hill. And the developers of this team shared which game leaked previously they are not working on that. They are working on different games and the codename of that project is “Black”.

Because of these kinds of rumors, They denied all the things that are making relate to this franchisee. They just say they are not working on these kinds of projects as they shut down. Bloober Team CMO Tomasz Gawlikowski says that after lots of rumors about the making of Silent Hill They are not working on this project. They also shared we have a different project but yet they are doing only one project. And the different projects are  “Black,” “H2O” and “Dum Spiro.” One of them is a remake of Silent Hill so that’s why they cancel it. Black is like a horror game that was based on vague moral choices and the next Dum Spiro was based on horror World War 2-era Polish Jew ghetto. And the third one H2O which was related to  “Layers of Fear 2,”. So some of the reasons to close the Black and Dum Spiro projects the reason which was shared by Tomasz Gawlikowski, who says sentiments and or was repeated.

They also shared that they are working on a different game which is black and which is based on different concepts.  Speculation immediately began to form around the idea that Black or Dum Spiro could be the rumored Silent Hill game. Yet we could not clear all the things related to production because production is going on So we will see what happened in future. while the game in pre-production is the Konami partnership project. Bloober has two active internal projects First is the production phase and the second is the pre-production phase Konami said that multiple large projects are in a working state. So these are some of the things relating to this game and also we see these are in a working state after some time we will see these games. Gawlikowski added that the studio is working on porting its existing games alongside new game development, including bringing The Medium to PS5. So this is the platform where you can play this game. Konami shared they are working on an internal game that no one knows because it’s unknown. But it may be the part of silent hill and the name of this game will be different which will select by the company.

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