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Reese Witherspoon And Dakota Fanning New Post Raises Sweet Home Alabama Sequel Specuations – Read To Know


Hey, everyone do you remember one of the super hit films Sweet Home Alabama. Yes, this movie was released in the year 2002, exactly 19 years before, and this movie was the super hit room comedy and everyone want that the directors and producer made their new Sequel. Many rumors were spread that the director and creators are agreed on the sequel part, but seriously, this is not true this is only the way to distract the public.

The fact is that till now there is no word and no official announcement that the sequel is coming, but no one knows what will happen in the future, hope will get a sequel. But till there is no word regarding this. But we all know actors never forget their movies and they always interact with their fans. Now, coming to the point the stars of Sweet Home Alabama have posted a picture on Instagram, she said that, she is giving flashbacks to fans and also said by seeing these flashbacks, they want more to the beloved rom-com. On Thursday, Reese Witherspoon posted the photos which were from the scene of the movie, she has no intention regarding, just for the flashback, she posted a picture on Instagram. The scene which she posted was that Melanie canceled her wedding with Fiance Andrew because released that still she is married and she loves her first love Jake with her full strength. She posted that photo and asked their followers, ” Script knowledge to the test,  Do you remember what she said”. 45 years old Oscar winner asked this. She also asked what was the answer of Melanie to Andrew, did she said yes?

As we know true fans can give the answers and the same happens in this case also and their fans also remember the scene. You will be amazed if know, among many guessers, one of the correct guesses, who gave the right answer is Dakota Fanning. Dakota Fanning is none other than a child character who played in that movie. She wrote in her comment, ” The truth is I gave my heart away a long time ago, my whole heart, and I never really got it back”. Dakota Fanning, a twenty-seven-year-old actress right in her comment section, and the most important thing is beautifully remembered the whole dialogue. After that comment, Witherspoon replied, “Love you, little Melanie”. She said maybe some fans do not remember this but this was all a sign.

“@Joshlucas talked about being interested in a sequel, now Reese posted this” after this one more comment is added. “Could it be?” Another Joked Melanie said, “make the sequel already!!”. This post had uploaded after two days Lucas told them he loves to make the sequel of Witherspoon wants and if had time.

” The issue is Reese has got a book club, and I am saying that, like, laughingly,” he also added.

Everyone wants to make their sequel, but when it will happen no one knows.

Tell me, do you remember that scene that was posted?

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