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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin – Capcom Released The On-Day Update, Know What’s Included In It


Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is the new Nintendo video game that will be released this week. The game will be available from the 9th of July and can be accessed through Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. 

This game is developed and published by Capcom. It’s a role-playing, adventure-packed, and turn-based RPG series.

This game is a sequel to the original 

Nintendo 3DS launched in 2016.

Capcom has released the day-one update of the game which is a 500 MB update that includes some additions and removal from the game and minor bug fixes that later can slow down the game. The bug fixes include some changes in the code of the game. The players can access the game and play it without the one-day update when it releases.

Some patch notes for Version 1.0.3, of the Monster Hunter website, are- 

Day 1 Patch for Version 1.0.3 is-

  • The game needs to be downloaded into your gaming system to access it online and to use DLC- Downloadable Content. Also, you need to download Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin’s latest version to access the game.
  • To know which version you have you can click on the Stories 2 icon which will be available on the HOME Menu of your Nintendo Switch and then press the + Button to view which version you have.
  • Also, you need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play the game online without the membership you cannot access the game online.
  • You can play through the local multiplayer option if you don’t have an internet connection. But the local multiplayer can only be accessed if all the players are playing on the same version.
  • If you want to buy the online version of the game and play it digitally only then there will be additional space required by the game which is approximately 14.5 GB.
  • Also just check in whether you have enough space while downloading the update.

Certain changes that have happened in the game include- 

  • You can get access to content that is part of the Deluxe Kit. You also get extra content and a pre-order bonus. It’s a great steal.

The bug fixes that come with the update include-

  • The time to load the game is reduced and the Trial version available also has this update now.
  • Certain minor changes d bugs are fixed.

You need to try this game out as it’s user-friendly and newbie-friendly as well with its easy turn-based RPG gameplay.

The game also has a demo version available for people who are still skeptical about the game. This demo version is available on Switch. The demo version’s release date is June 25th for Nintendo Switch and July 9th for PC via Steam.

The demo version has a size of 2.8 GB on the Nintendo Switch. One more advantage of this demo version is you can shift your progress from the demo version to the full game.

The game will be available for Rs. 3,499 on Steam for the standard pack and Rs. 4,155 for the Deluxe Pack.

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