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Billie Eilish New Track “NDA” Out With Waves Of Raw Emotions – Listen


Billie Eilish is opening a secret about “NDA”.  On Thursday, the singer had released her new music album, and the most interesting fact, she itself directed this video. No one expects that on Thursday she had planned to release her video, everyone was expecting her new video that is Happier than ever. But before this album, Singer had released her video on Thursday. So do you have any expectations regarding, have you heard this song? Do not worry if you do not listen to this song, I am here to give you every detail about the song. So read this full article and you will know everything about this song.

If you see the video of this song, you will be going to amaz, in this song she tries to show her negative effect her. Generally, we imagine star life is so amazing and adventurous and they all are admired by many people, people follow their lifestyle. But we never imagine their negative effect on their life or any problems. So in this album, she tries to show the negative effect of her life. She mentioned that if are a star, then you get an autograph from the pretty boy and follow by many people, but another side is stalker stalks you even in your house no matter where you are in the street or present at your house. She gave her statement in which she said,” pretty boy sign an NDA after being at her house, to having a stalker walk-in up and down the street”. She also added that from this song she shared her own experience. She told stars to also feel discomfort in their life, stalk by staker. In this track, Eilish wanted to change her carrier, she wants to disappear in Kauai. Kauai is a place somewhere in Hawaii.

Now talking about the video, the video is amazing, the video quality is outstanding, the lyrics are awesome. In this video, there are twenty stunt drivers, they all are going at full speed around Eilish at night. If you watch you will see, During the nighttime, Eilish is traveling all alone in the middle of the night and the cars are going at full speed around her. According to a press release, they said the shoot was finished in one take, no extra take is needed in this song, and they also not used the stunt doubles or any VFX for the cars. Seriously, they try to show everything real.

She has put her new album Happier than Ever on 30 July, this music album has 16 songs and this album also includes her previous song they are My future, your power, and many other 14 songs. In April, she opens the treasure of a music album, she said that in this song she features herself as a stunning blonde appearance and she also showed her photos, these photos are for British Vogue. She has got two Grammy this year, she has a total of seven. She also acted in her documentary film,” the World’s a little blurry”, in February.

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