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Val Kilmer Documentary ‘Val’ Trailer Launched By Amazon Prime – Everything To Know


Val Edward Kilmer, born on December 31, 1959, is an American actor. He was originally a stage actor who became popular in the mid-1980s after a series of appearances in comedy films, starting with Top Secret! in 1984 and Real Genius in 1985, as well as the military action film Top Gun and the fantasy film Willow. But some of his other notable film roles include Jim Morrison in The Doors, an apparition of Elvis Presley in True Romance, Doc Holliday in Tombstone, Chris Shiherlis in Heat, Bruce Wayne / Batman in Batman Forever, Simon Templar in The Saint, and many others. Maybe there are many of you out there who are reading this and at the same time goggling the actor’s name as you are not familiar with him or you are familiar with him by face but not his name. Well, let me just save some of your time there by saying that soon not only you, my dear readers, but everyone will get to know him both by face and by name. Now, I am sure you must be wondering why I said that. It is because Amazon Prime Video is set to release a documentary based on the magical life and career of Val Kilmer. So basically you will not only know his name but you will have an overview of his whole life with how he began his career and then flourished it.

So before you go and see this dedicated documentary let me just tell you something about the man who has given his 40 years to Hollywood. Val Kilmer is one of the most mercurial and also the most misunderstood actors in Hollywood, yes it may come as a surprise to you but that is the bitter truth about his life. The documentary will portray how he had made his way through this Hollywood industry and reached the top of his time through a variety of roles in a variety of genres. The documentary will also help you see the complex yet brilliant nature of Val Kilmer and will help you explore the many layers of Val. The humorous side will be made very prominent after all that was the beginning of Val Kilmer’s journey in the Hollywood industry but at the same time, there will be some heartfelt and emotional, and tough moments in his life that will leave you in tears. Especially when Val Kilmer himself talks about his battle against throat cancer which was one of the most difficult times of his life as battling cancer is not at all easy and it’s a salute to everyone who has fought and won the battle against cancer.

Not only that, our reports state that Val, the documentary, will also consist of interviews with Val Kilmer’s son Jack Kilmer and will consist of the various set recordings and footage from the sets of Top Gun and Batman Forever. So to give a greater impact of the movie to its viewers these additions are just brilliant as we get a chance to look into his career even more closely. This documentary is directed and produced by Ting Poo and Leo Scott who are pretty excited about the release of this documentary and they even stated in an interview that “Val is a very complex and brilliant man with so many layers. And we wanted to try to get that feeling of him into the film, from his spirituality to a great sense of humor.”  Now that is a huge promise by the filmmakers and I hope that it is fulfilled in the documentary which is set to release in some selected theaters on the 23rd of July and will start streaming on Amazon Prime Video on the 6th of August. 



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