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Samsung Plans To Clog The Stream Of Leaks With Copyright Claims


In the industry of technology, leaking of a product becomes the fact of life, however, every time that was not cased. I know many of you remember the cases of smartphone which was based on an anti-leak, these ugly anti-leak smartphones cases were spreading so fast previous year, but this time some unknown sources are coming and these sources are becoming so bold this year. If you look at the cases of antileak, then it looks like, very soon company of the biggest smartphones makers is not able to hold status and no one knows in the future where they will sit down. Sometimes before Apple announced that their data are leaked, following the same leak news of company Apple, Samsung announced and also reported an issue which is copyright strikes and this report is file against leakers, they are forcing leakers to take their leaked previous content.

To be very honest, leaking something is always been illegal and always leaks have been surrounded by legal areas, no one is allowed to break that surrounding. Many people who are working in the technology industry have excess with everything like information, news and material and particular devices which are used in people who are working in the company have to sign the NDAs, these NDAs are signed to keep the secret matter confidential and not to share anything to anyone. Few companies could go even in the world black thefts which are against those, who expose their secret of the business exterior world. In simple meaning, this is illegal to expose their secret to the whole world and this is threatening theft.

Here Samsung is using a different kind of plan, hence and they are targeting only a few types of leaks. As per MAX Jamboor, the Samsung company has making and involving the copyright law which is against unreleased products, they want to tell some of the images and videos that are leaked of their product, and the more important thing is that these are products are not released yet. In a summary, they are saying the image and videos which are leaked have contains the copyrighted material and important thing is that the leakers have do not have right to publish the videos and image, this is against law. If you focus on Apple company, they have said there is leaking of their product before releases in china and they reported also. According to Samsung, they said that there are areas in which leaks may have a legal grey area, and these leaks have copyright material, and they do not have the right to publish this because they have not made this.

Max Jmb reported that the copyright things seem like and they will be directed and present only at those sites who posted this copyright, not on those who cover this. According to Max Jmb said,” some of the images that leaked before going to delete or disappear in few days”. He posted this on his Twitter account.

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