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Everything About “Frogsong”, A New Heartfelt Game – Will It Be On Steam?


It is a kind of action-adventure game that has lots of features and will force you to become a child. This is a heartfelt adventure game where it’s okay to be small. Chorus is a little frog with huge dreams of protecting the world. Being a tree frog, however, society expects them to lead a life of religious studies, instead of training to be a warrior. The story of this game is that one small frog who has lots of dreams and he wants to full fill all the dreams. Chorus wants to protect their loves once but no one takes it seriously so he decides to go Boreala. Where he thinks that my life will be better here.

That village is like where all people of the defense guild under the wisdom of an old veteran. So he thinks that he could learn so many things over there and protect their family. For Chorus it was the best place because we know it is not easy to learn all the things so easily but he has the power to learn all the things. It will be interesting for Chorus to learn the action and then prove themself.  This game will also motivate others that how can you face big problems and face them as Chorus will do.  It will be interesting to play this game because it’s a kind of mixed motion game where you can fight and you can think for your loved one.

This game has so many features also:

  • Friends and foes brought to life in expressive hand-drawn 2D animation!
  • Talk to lots of cute and strange characters as you explore the land of Salia!
  • Explore five unique areas filled with their own special monsters and characters!
  • Upgrade your blade at the blacksmith’s shop for stronger attacks!
  • Follow a heartfelt story that deals with themes of identity, self-love, and what it means to be important!
  • Try to make the world just a little bit better!

If we talk about characters so you will see Chorus and tons of weird wonderful frogs inhabit Salia, and many will become Chorus’ friends on their travels. If we define Chorus’s character so Chorus is a young frog with a strong desire to protect the people around them. The other warriors of the village make fun of Chorus for their small size, but this just makes Chorus more determined to prove they matter too.  So after seeing all these things we can make sure it will give you a full of the power pack game which will interesting for you. You can enjoy this game when you feel bored or resentment.

Frogsong features charming, colorful 2D animation. Friends and foes are brought to life with expressive and vibrant hand-drawn art. It will give you fun because it has so many qualities or so many characters.

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