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Atelier Online Can Now Be Played Both On iOS And Android Outside Japan


Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle a Japanese smartphone online role-playing video game. It was first released in 2018 and was made available for the Japanese folk only. The fans outside Japan were eager and wished for the game to become global. Recently the developers and publishers of the game announced that they will be making the game global.

Boltrend Games the publisher of Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle announced last month that they would be making the game available for folks outside Japan. This announcement also gave attention to a pre-registration campaign for the game which so far has been very successful. The video game is all set to release on July 8th, Thursday, which actually is today.

Boltrend Games has posted on their Youtube channel the pre-registration video so you can go there and know all the details.

This game is very popular in Japan due to its storyline and characters. This game was developed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Atelier Series. So to make it memorable for the fans and developers this game included different characters from the past games published by Atelier Series. It also included some elements from the past games and certain popular storylines that the fans loved.

The game starts off on a beautiful island called Bressile Island. The game is all about the Royal Academy of Sciences, which fans refer to as the Academy. While you explore the game you can meet new characters. You can also join other fans’ favorite series like Rorona and Marie. This game is full of adventure and you definitely would love it.

The game includes the Royal Academy of Sciences, which clearly states that there is some science, some alchemy in it. So if you are wondering what alchemy really is, it’s a form of thought that focuses on converting low base metals to higher base metals like converting lead and copper into gold and silver. It also includes finding cures and extending life. That’s what your main goal will be in the game. You can synthesize items and different objects to create elements like swords, shields, and gears, etc.

You need to gather different things as you exoplanet island which later can be used to create new elements which can help you.

All this synthesizing is useful and not just for fun. While on the island you can collect new characters on your way who you can change and customize according to the way you like. The elements you just made through alchemy can help in this process.

This game includes more than 1000 items that you can make through alchemy and 700 outfits that you can change and make your team.

All these items like swords, shields, and other defense items can be used when you fight with the enemies. The game has a turn-based combat system which means each character will get one chance to kill the other person and it will turn wise until one dies completely. So your alchemy can be used here too.

You can play the game alone as the game contains enough for the players to get lost in it alone but if you prefer playing with others the game allows you to play with others as well and you can invite 3 other players to play with you and explore the Island.

This game will now be available on iOs and Android for fans outside Japan.

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