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Xiaomi Patented A Unique Folding Phone Design, To Be Launched Soon


As we have seen Last year, Xiaomi patented a design with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone maker who said that is working for many foldable devices and maybe they launch some devices this year. As per the reports, we knew that this company hadn’t filed a patent for a folding device, which was a different device but now they filed a patent for the bigger and better device. And this year they filed a few patents for foldable phones while we know the Mi Mix Fold was already in the works. They filed a patent for the new device which appeared online.

When we see the patent document or attached photos so we can say that if it will be produced in the future so it could be the best with a large screen like it has good features. And if the screen damage then you may have to pay an extra charge it’s an additional thing you have to pay for this. These patent files could tell us bump how the phone looking like and how could be a large screen work like we have seen the Huawei Mate XS which has great qualities but unlike the Mate Xs’ outward folding design. When folded, it could glimpse like a big-screened cellular phone with a waterfall exhibit on a person facet. Nevertheless, it will turn out to be a large-screened tablet as soon as unfolded.

This is not new for the Xiaomi that is working like on a cellphone with an advanced wrap-around exhibit. They made a phone for the business manufactured it was the first foldable device. however, the phone was never produced for the common people even media didn’t feel how it’s like. So this shows that this was not for the common people it was for business purposes but now they are working to launch so it’s a piece of great news. When we see a new patent then they add some extension so it looked like an identical structure, but with an inward folding screen which is deemed to better defend the foldable mechanism and the display screen by itself.

It like before it available for only business purposes but now they launch for the general public also. It like you can feel both mobile or tablet it provides you a big screen. And the design or module is very good but here we consider one drawback also like when you want to click a picture so you just need to open your phone and make it as a tablet then you can take a picture. It has so much great qualities also like it could serve dual functions. This cell phone will have not any notch or punch holes to household the display. So overall it would be a great cellphone that has so many qualities or features.  That makes you comfortable you can carry so easily and also provide a big screen which will feel you as you are using a tablet.

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