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The Latest Logitech Mk470 Slim Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Officially Launched In India


Hello are you looking for a slim keyboard and mouse and this is a perfect time, if you want to buy a slim keyboard and mouse then read this article. In this article, you will know everything about Logitech’s slim wireless keyboard and Slim wireless mouse. So, read this article and decide when you want to buy it because this has launched. Hurry up do not miss the deal. This combination of wireless keyboard and wireless is awesome, due to Wireless,  both of these look beautiful on your desk, and also one thing that both of them are coming in slim so that does not make your desk clutter.

An announcement has done by the company Logitech, that they are coming in Slim keyboard and compact mouse, this combo of keyboard and mouse of Logitech MK470 has launched in India and they are available on Amazon, If you want then, check it on Amazon Logitech MK470 Slim wireless combat mouse and wireless keyboard in a combo offer. Now if you want to know how they are going to connect, will they only connect on a Laptop and will they connect on a desktop, Let me clear one thing they are connected on both laptop and desktop. Both of them are connected by using the Dongle, and this dongle is coming with this combo and the dongle is 2.4HZ. Now, let’s come to the charging capacity of the mouse and keyboard,  the company claims that the battery can run approx eighteen months to thirty-six months respectively. This means the keyboard can last up to 36 months and the mouse can 18 months. If you look at the price of the Logitech MK470 Slim keyboard and combat mouse, then this combo offer costs Rupees 4,995. The color of the Logitech MK470 Slim keyboard and mouse is graphite and off-white. So, if you want to purchase, then choose your color and visit the Amazon store, they are available there.

The main purpose of making a slim wireless keyboard and mouse to remove clusters and to give a beautiful computing experience. They are very comfortable to use, no tension wire, you can easily carry this anywhere. According to the company, the keyboard is very advanced and for a better typing experience and also quieter, keys present on the keyboard have scissor switches, if you focus on mouse then same as keyboard, buttons which are present on mouse also provide quieter experience means noiseless experience.

The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries and as we know the keyboard is compact but still it has a number pad having functional keys. The battery of the keyboard can last up to 36 months, the company claimed this. The mouse has a 1000dpi sensor and the mouse can use tracking of very precision. The three buttons are present on the mouse that means two sides buttons for left and right click and scroll wheel which is mechanical. The mouse is coming with a single AA battery, so it can last 18 months.

The main aim of the Logitech MK470 slim mouse wireless keyboard and mouse is to remove clutter and have a better computing experience.

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