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Why Is Microsoft Suspending SQL Server And Recommending Linux Server In Containers Beta Program?


If you look back in the year 2017, an announcement had done by Microsoft that is the SQL Server present in the windows, containers Beta Program, which enables the developers to connect to SQL Server which has been done by outside or from the same container. There are many benefits from this, one important benefit, that has the facility of setting up and for development it maximizes the density of instances and also for the purpose of the test and one more in a multi-tenant environment, this helps to isolate and govern application.

Today, a new announcement had done by Microsoft in this Microsoft said about suspending the program.  A detailed post is posted by Microsoft, in which the company has highlighted that they are not continuing the SQL server on the windows, containers Beta program, they are going to suspend this program because there are some challenges regarding the ecosystem and also have usage patterns. In the blog, they added,” The program had not simply enough users to warrant continued support, The company has carefully supported their statement to show that there are no plans to resume the initiative in the forces able future, however, it will make a public announcement if anything will change”.

In simple language company wanted to tell that due to insufficient amount of users and the ecosystem challenges or due to usage pattern company wants to suspend this program, right now that have no plans regarding this, if they make any plan, the company will notify us.

The suggestion has been given by the Redmond tech giant, according to them USers has migrated to SQL Server on Linux containers, unlike its Windows counterpart which is already supported in the production environment.  One more thing which is important to note that the SQL server present on windows, containers has never wanted to manage to ditch the beta tag, that’s why not any plan for production use anyway. This statement or announcement will still a matter for the developers who had given their time in application building to make this application used for capability and also for those persons who had invested their time in the production environment. Both the developers and producers are tense and also many questions are on their my mind, this is genuine thought because they have spent their quality time for the development of this program, but this Microsoft wants to remove this program.

After saying this statement, Microsoft continued their statement, The company said that the SQL sever Express and the developers for Windows containers Docker repositories will be going to delete soon by the company, they will not be longer, Docker image will also not be present for downloads.

If you do not know about the Microsoft SQL Server, it is a relational database system of management which has developed by Microsoft, this application helps in storing and retrieving data as per request by the other software, but this application will be deleted by the company because it has not enough users.

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