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OnePlus Soon To Launch Its First Tablet Ever “OnePlus Pad”, As It Files For Trademark At EUIPO – When To Expect The Release?


Oneplus, a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, famous for their well-designed devices like smartphones, smartwatches, headsets, wired and wireless earphones, earphones, smart TV, etc recently hinted about the company’s new venture. Oneplus often believes in providing the best technology and premium quality products to its users. It’s the main reason why Oneplus products are expensive.

Oneplus recently talked about launching a new device thus increasing the market for Onelpus products. Oneplus pad trademark would be the new venture the company wants to focus on. Oneplus has been manufacturing smartphones and earphones but the Oneplus Pad is a new addition to its collection which the fans would love. 

The demand for the Oneplus Pad has not been high in the past but if Oneplus had one the fans surely would buy it.  The Oneplus fans do prefer other better things than the Oneplus Pad like good software running on their phones and their watches and a  premium look.

Oneplus entering the Pad manufacturing market was fated after it merged with its cousin, Oppo. Now, this is actually happening as Onelpus has filed a trademark in Europe for the Oneplus Pad. This was the green light every fan was waiting for.

This trademark does not include the details of the device yet and what it would be like and how it would work but it does state about Onelpus coming up with a lot of new devices like laptops, notebooks, and tablets which the company doesn’t manufacture yet.

This trademark mark filing gives an idea about what to expect. From seeing the past products that Oneplus had launched we can form a picture of how this device is going to look like and what features it will include. The old Oneplus devices had premium looks and good cameras with good processing power and a huge RAM and ROM. We can thus expect these features in the new Pad.

The company’s choices are very foreseeable as the company believes in providing high-end services and components to its users thus we do have an idea of what components it will use. With this news all over the internet, it will be fun to see different sources posting about the new predicted features of the phone.

The Pad has been trademarked at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Mysmartprice disclosed this information first. The Oneplus brand is linked with BBK Electronics which is the parent company for Oppo, Realme, Vivo, and Oneplus. 

The trademark information disclosed that the name of the first pad will be Oneplus Pad. The filing date was 1st July 2021 with filing number 018504798. The filing of the trademark is said to be under observation and after it is examined properly it will be approved by European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

It is quite obvious that this Oneplus Pad will compete with Apple’s Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tabs as they are the biggest competition in the market.

Other than Oneplus, Realme which is also under  BBK Electronics is planning to launch its own Relame laptop and Realme tablet. It is quite clear why Oneplus wants to launch a Pad now. The Pad will include OxygenOS as well as ColorOS as its codebase.

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