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Nokia To Launch New Flagship Since 2019 On 11th November 2021 – HMD Product Head Announces


There is one brand that flourished a lot this year and that is Nokia which has launched a ton of new smartphones so that it can also flourish and gain popularity for its company and also in its fanbase and the growth of its company. Nokia has yet again announced another phone which is a successor to the Nokia 8.3 5G named the Nokia 9 PureView. And the rumour suggests that this brand new phone will be on its way in November 2021 to completely keep our minds blown and leave us speechless. 

Zhang Yucheng, who is the Product Manager for HMD in China was quoted saying that the new Nokia flagship smartphone is launching in China on November 11, 2021 – 11.11 now this is a point which is worth noting for that November 11 is Single’s Day in China. Now I am sure that you must be thinking what is this Single’s Day in China and what is the big deal about it? Well, Single’s day is the biggest shopping event in the country and can you imagine the release of Nokia’s latest phone the Nokia 9 PureView on the same day so the sales rate will be so high after all Nokia has given its best in the production of all of its smartphones and I must say this they have gained a lot of popularity in the smartphone industry with it’s back to back the release of good model phones. As there was a time of the button-phones which was the best of only a single company and that was Nokia now even the age of smartphones and with brands like Samsung and Apple, Nokia is most definitely trying its level best to give a tough competition and it surely is succeeding in it.

Well, there aren’t many details of this new phone but one thing we know for sure is that Nokia will be ditching the name Nokia 9 PureView and will be renaming its brand new smartphone the Nokia X50. Adding onto that the official report also claims the fact that the device will run on the Snapdragon 775/775G mobile platform, which is a successor to the Snapdragon 765G SoC. It could also pack a Penta-camera setup on the back with a 108 MP sensor at the helm. Other rumours suggest that the Nokia X50 will feature a QHD+ panel with a 120Hz refresh rate. Now that is a lot of rumours but nothing’s for sure but seeing the ones stated here I am sure that this is going to be another mind-blowing phone but again it is all on your hands to either make it a blockbuster phone or a normal phone with not much of popularity.

Not only that but it will also pack a massive 6,000 mAh battery with 22W fast-charging support. Lastly, the Nokia X50 is also rumoured to feature Zeiss optics and OZO Audio tech. The Nokia X50 will likely arrive as a successor to the Nokia 8.3 5G. Another rumour which came to our ears was that it was reported that the company could also reveal the Nokia X70 as its premium offering. While little is known about the device, it is said to come with a custom sensor co-designed by Nokia Technology. Now that is a huge leap which is taken by the company and I think we can all see the efforts the company is putting to stand out from the rest of the phones and for that, they deserve a huge round of applause as they are doing a commendable job.

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