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Bandai Namco And Shueisha File A Trademark Titled ‘One Piece’. Is It A Video Game Or A Manga Anime Series? Know Here


Bandai Namco the Japanese million dollar multinational video game publishing company filed a trademark that hints about the launch of a new game. It has been rumored that the company is working on a new game called ‘One Piece’. This trademark was filed by both Bandai Namco a video game publisher and Shueisha a manga publisher with the title ‘One Piece Odyssey’.

The trademark was filed last month on the 17th but it is not yet confirmed whether it’s for a new game or something else. The trademark filed by both these companies does not contain much information but the trademark mentions ‘swimming earplugs’ and ‘downloadable content computer programs for mobile phones. 

Nothing is confirmed yet as most companies while filing a trademark focus on trying different things so as to find one thing they are good at and what the fans want. Mostly they file trademarks in order to get opportunities to promote their product and create demand in the market.

Now we don’t know what exactly this ‘One Piece Odyssey’ is,  is, whether it’s a manga or a video game or something totally different, as the trademark filing is not as detailed to disclose what it really is.

There can be a possibility that it’s a manga movie, a mobile game, a video game, or something completely different.

Sources believe ‘One Piece Odyssey’ to be a new video game remembering the old collaboration between Bandai Namco and Shueisha that happened in 2019. They launched a new video game called ‘One Piece World Seeker’. 

The ‘One Piece World Seeker’ was an adventure game full of action based on the manga and anime series One Piece. The company might be planning to do it again. 

If it happens then this will be the first ‘One Piece’ release from Bandai Namco. Earlier the company engaged in publishing the RPG Brawler called ‘One Piece: Pirate Warrior 4’ that came out in 2020. This game could be accessed through Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One.

Other sets of trademarks filed by both these companies include one titled ‘MHUI’ and the other titled ‘MHUR’. Both these trademarks were filed on 25th June a week after filing the ‘One Piece’ trademark.

These two trademarks are rumored to be related to a manga and anime series that has acquired a lot of fan base, titled ‘My Hero Academia’. Bandai Namco already has several games published related to this manga and anime series. But it is still not confirmed whether they are related or not due to the tricky names and code words.

Bandai Namco and Shueisha have not yet confirmed these rumors of whether they have filed a trademark and whether it is for a video game or for a new manga movie, anime series. Fans are eager and wish to hear from the companies soon. If both the companies confirm that they would be launching a  video game the fans would be really excited. 

Fans are quite sure that ‘One Piece’ will be a video game as there are a lot of events coming up this summer related to video games.

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