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Samsung Oficials Confirmed The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Announcement Date


I know you all aware of the Samsung Galaxy Z foldable phone because everyone is just talking about this phone. If you are a smartphone lover then, of course, you have much information regarding Galaxy Z fold 3 announcements. But one important thing is still a matter of debate for everyone. Many rumours are coming regarding this, but it is very difficult to believe who is right or who is wrong.  If You focus on some of the leaks and tips, this focus on the only one direction, that it is going to release this year, august month. A new statement from Samsung tries to stop these rumours by giving the release date, hey, one more thing not only release date but also the release time.

A report has come from the official website of Samsung, in this report Samsung announces the release date of Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 is going to be released in August, from that we hope from today it is not a matter of debate, because Samsung official clear everything. If you notice one thing, then, you will realize that the release Galaxy Fold 3 is matched with the month of realizing the date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, because the Samsung galaxy folds 2 was released in August last year. So it would not be so surprising that this is going to release in August and has also given How launching of Samsung Galaxy S21 release far earlier than this usual this year. For the next unpacked 2021 event, which leaves the date, that few put on August 3 and many others believe that it will not be going to take on three August rather than they are going to launch on 11 August. If you look towards the Korean report, according to the report, for 2021, the unpacked date is 11 August 2021 and this Korean report has confirmed by the Samsung official. Hey, one for more things, the executive of this event has also given time for the event that is 10.00 am, he has given this eastern date for this event which is going to take place in 11th of august.

Hey unpacked event 2021 will going to full of attractions. Galaxy z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z flip 3 will be the centre of attraction, wait! wait! only these two are not the centre of attraction, there are many items too which will be the centre of attraction like The Galaxy Watch 4 may also gain people’s attention as you know this smartwatch have new wear OS experience.  One more thing is the debut making of the Galaxy Buds 2, these days they are coming in the rumours mil also.

However not so many things have leaked about this foldable phone. In the terms of specification, Geekbench announces some of the unofficial information. There is an entry for the SM-F926u because of this it is believed that this Galaxy Z Fold 3 model is one of the powerful phones having a snapdragon 888, RAM of 12 GB and Andriod 11 is running inside. This is not news, this is confirmation, but it is interesting to know about the features of this phone.

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