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Samsung Electronics And Q Cells Came Together To Bring You Zero Power Energy Home Solutions


With home devices, safety devices becoming prominent and necessary in today’s world, it’s no wonder we can see them everywhere nowadays. These devices use an IoT unit and run on electricity. They use a lot of power and can affect your pocket. It can also cause damage to the environment as we would need to produce more energy to fuel these devices. 

These devices use a special IoT system meaning the Internet of Things. It is a home automation system that can be seen in modern homes with automated devices. These devices are automated and controlled by the internet. It’s a common home automation system and is widely used today.

As these IoT systems take up a lot of energy to run effectively it is important to upgrade and use more environmentally friendly as well as pocket-friendly devices to save for ourselves and to save our world. To resolve this issue Samsung Electronics has come up with a solution. 

Samsung Electronics will be partnering with Q Cells to introduce to its users a “zero power home solution”. Q Cells is a South Korean solar energy cells and modules producer. They are known for their photovoltaic solar cells. It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and its innovation and research center is located in Germany.

These two companies will work together to come up with new technologies through which they can save energy. The first will try to pay attention to properties that themselves try to cut down their energy consumptions thus causing lesser carbon emissions. Samsung recently talked about introducing a heating system that will be environment friendly and a warmth pump. It also introduced a system that will manage your power consumption by different home devices, appliances.

The two companies plan on linking Samsung’s SmartThings Power service with Q Cells solar cells to reduce power consumption and develop a more eco-friendly, pocket-friendly system.

These devices will have a smart backup system where the devices which are connected to the house will go into energy-saving mode and use less energy in the evening and on rainy days as it is hard to utilize the sun during these hours. This is a smart upgrade that will benefit users a lot. 

This type of model is quite power-saving and eco-friendly because it will use the power that is drawn from the solar cells thus will save electricity and can be used for longer hours. These types of devices mostly have a one-time installation cost and thus are very affordable. This power saving is achieved by installing renewables – which do not deplete over time and renew after some time. 

The president of Samsung Electronics Digital Home Equipment Enterprise, Jae Seung Lee, talked about how he is looking forward to this collaboration with Q Cells. This will increase their market in the world and attract customers who believe in saving energy. He also stated that he expects good positive energy and vibes between Samsung home equipment Enterprise and Q cells, solar cells modules. 

The company will start by providing these home equipment to households in the US and Europe first as the market in these countries will have a good demand for Samsung products and the people living here do understand and believe in eco-friendly devices and home solutions.

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