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Vivo NEX Fold: When Can We Expect The Folding Phone From VIVO? – Read To Know


We have already seen the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Which have recently launched and now Vivo has to decide on the Vivo NEX Fold phone. It would be released end of this year or at the start of the next year. So we will see how it work. These are the assumption we can say that because there is no official news about that when it will release. They are working on new things which will different than others or maybe more flexible than others. The report is coming from the Ice Universe that the Vivo NEX 5 series will not launch this year but Vivo NEX Fold will launch.

We have seen on Twitter In a recent development, Vivo has filed a trademark for a rollable, slideable, and foldable device. According to the trademark, it is trademarking the names “NEX Fold”, “Nex Slide”, and “NEX Roll” for its projects. Further, the rumors of a foldable smartphone from the brand starting this year are also surfacing. We do not the highlights of these devices and when to exact them to launch. A leak showed Vivo’s product register for the second half of the year but it didn’t notice a foldable or rollable device. Still, we won’t rule out the chance of a concept or working prototype just like OPPO did last year with the OPPO X 2021.

It may be possible that it would be the largest in-folding display. Maybe the NEX Fold’s foldable display will have to at least be 8.02-inch. People are also excited to watch a foldable phone because it gives a new look and it is interesting. And also it would be the biggest screen from that phones that have launched recent time. It may be helpful for the audience because they also can use a tablet form, It’s like a two in one form you also can use as a mobile phone with a large screen. And easily you can carry it in your pocket this is really remarkable. It made by the company with full of the things in their mind that how it can provide the audience multiple tasks. All are keep eye on this that when it will release or any other information regarding this like what kind os specification or more things. But we have not much knowledge about this what we have we are just sharing.

Other companies also looking forward that after this what will they launch. So they are also planning.  Just like we have known that it would be release next year because maybe it will release in China first then in India. So we will see that what happened. But people are very excited to see this new version of this phone that would be launch after some time.  It will be better than others and also beneficial for the audience who want to work on a device that works as both tablet or mobile. It would be a great device for people.

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