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The Founder Of The Titanic’s Shipwreck Dr. Robert Ballard Says More Such Shipwrecks Can Be Found Using Deep Sea Robots


Dr. Robert Ballard, who is a marine archeologist and he is best known for discovering the wreck of the Titanic in 1985. He is advising to find more shipwrecks under the ocean with an amphibian vehicle. It will be revolutionary if they found three million recks that were sinking thousand years ago. He shares their experience of the past which defines so many things, they use vehicles which was related to the ship. But now they have new technology which can more help to find the shipwreck. He also said that now we are building a vehicle that is a revolution and it works in any condition. It is a kind of amphibian vehicle made up of great technology.

It is a new autonomous vehicle that has lots of technology maybe it will be going to revolutionize the field of marine archaeology. He just wants to search more and more he recently celebrated their seventy-ninth birthday. Now he doesn’t want to live on their ship he wants to get away. He is really happy with new inventions or technology that reach him very close to his dream, he is excited to use new technology which will give exact news that he wants. It also cheaper than before and you can carry it so easily like previously you spend more money and there was no accuracy that you successfully achieve the thing that you want or just waste your time or money. Now you have advanced technology that can help you to achieve your goal.

If we describe the vehicle that can go with the deepest depth and also it may be found reck much faster than previous. It has more facilities to reach your goal.  You reach terminal velocity at about 100 meters every minute. So these are the things that encourage him to find more shipwrecks, and they also have the ability to find more and more they just want to go forward more and more. If we talk about Titanic Ballard had just 12 days to find it, in an area of ocean five times the size of New York. To find the trail, Ballard used a deep-sea vehicle called Argo. Argo had lots of cameras and was towed behind the ship. Argo floated just above the seafloor, 2.5 miles down in the cold, dark Atlantic. A year later, Ballard came back to the wreck of the Titanic. He used a small submarine to travel to the wreck and take pictures. It took two and a half hours for Ballard and his team to reach the wreck. They were the first people to visit the wreck of the Titanic.

So when you have the experience to find something so hard and now you have the advanced technology so it is a great thing for you. Just like Robert Ballard is feeling. These are the things that specify that how would you like your work you are just living your passion and then you move like a wind. He knows better than what now I am doing, which shows a powerful mentality he has.

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