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Free Fire And Street Fighter V Developers Collaborate For A Special Event And It’s Official


Free Fire the survival shooter game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena. It is available for both Android users and iOS users. Street Fighter V which was developed by Capcom and Dimps and was published by Capcom is a fighting game. This game can be accessed through PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Both these publishers Garena and Capcom will be collaborating together in a special event where both these mobile games can be seen together. For the next couple of days fans will be able to play these two games and at once can enjoy them together. Fans can play with their favorite characters and fight and learn Hadouken. You will be able to use Ryu’s signature move to some extent in this collaboration.

There are certain special changes and add ons that you will be able to use in this event but it would be possible to use them for a limited time frame only. These changes and add ons will be available till the event ends. These extra add ons can include a completely different interface as well as new skins, attires. 

Some details of the event and what you will get include-

Ryu’s signature move in Hadouken can be used in Free Fire. This signature move includes Ryu sending psychic energy through his palms to the enemy thus destroying the enemy completely. The ones who survive the event will have the opportunity to learn the modern world’s most iconic moves from Free Fire and will be able to perform them.

Another add ons include new skins, attires from Street Fighter V that will be available in Free Fire for the survivors. This will thus add spice to the game and the fans will love this add-on. Some skins available are Chun Li’s iconic outfit with her blue qipao and her bracelet with spikes. Gloo Wall skin will also be available. These add ons are available from today thus you can enjoy them as soon as possible.

When you play with Chun Li’s outfit and survive the game you will be provided with Ryu’s outfit which you can add to your closet. This crossover gameplay often called Free Fighter will also come with a cross-over of items from both the game including the Hadouken grenade from Street Fighter V and AWM gun from Free Fire.

This event is going to be a grand event for all the fans. The fans will easily be able to recognize the Air Force Base background in the game which can be seen in Street Fighter V and is a classic background of the game.

This collaboration was announced through a Youtube video where fans were made aware of all the new characters, new skins,  guns, and gloo wall skins that were available in the event. 

They even shared it on their socials about the collaboration. Free Fire India talked about this collaboration by posting a picture of Chun Li and Ryu Street Fighters’ famous characters. 

Free Fire recently also announced their collaboration with British Supercar McLaren P1. The game has previously collaborated with a number of celebrities like Mew and Gulf as well as franchises to promote the game as well as introduce new updates for events.

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