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Cyberpunk 2077 Unpatched Version Reveal Lots Of Changes And Cut Contents – Everything To Know


A large number of last unseen features has hidden in the unpatched new fresh version of the game and it is discovered by none other than the excited players of Cyberpunk 2077.  This game is the topic of discussion since when the game out as we know, this game gives the experience of  the Project’s Red Cyberpunk 2077. This game is a topic of discussion and also criticized by many people, but also praised by many people, of course, their fans, instead of this, the game has been beaten also by their fans. This praised, criticized and praised has been done in many different countries. Many people love this game and they did not like that this game was criticized by other people, then the committee or patches have decided to leave this game in a state of stasificatiory.  By giving the stasificatory state,  the committee tries to suppress the anger of Fanbase. Another interesting thing had done by one of the curious fan, they went back to the very initial 1.0 build series of games, and their fan had done an interesting thing, means fan found few content which had been detached, this detachment and removal had done after the Day 1 Patch.

The players of cyberpunk 2077 are very known about the cut content. From the final release, many Fans who have explored night city have found that the many features and corners are cut, these cutting corners have been done like a train system.Having many types of trouble facing in development of the game but the  game is well documented.  The Game is well documented, but they have to complete game before the release date so, they have to leave or cut some of the content. Hence some features were decide to release and make for the final release, but these were also detached after Day 1 patch. This things is very strange to see, and it is not clear yet why this had happened.

This type of cut discoveries was found in  the YouTube video, the name of the person is Tyler McVicker. Tyler McVicker claims that he found some of the video in the YouTube, during his Playthrough of the game Unpatched Cyberpunk 2077, but he did not find in the game. The most important things which were noticed by him was the vendors of street, this street venders might  find in the Overworld of the game by the players. These vendors may sell their goods to V and vendors also have interaction with V. If you focus on cut content, there were lots of things which are removed by the Day 1 patch. Not only vendors but also many items were removed like the Suppressor and muzzle attachments for guns.

If you focus on the cutting issue,  According to Mcvicker suggests that some of the features and content was removed just for the purposes of Optimization. The launch of this game was itself the one of the controversial things and also a technical mess, may interfere the game performance.  Hopefully may be it is possible to restore this feature in the game for the improvement.

This game is available in many platforms now like PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One and many more.

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