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Capcom And GungHo Celebrating 2nd Anniversary Of Tappen With Big Dragons Of War Update


With the latest update is coming in the Dragon of War Capcom and GungHo online are celebrating the second anniversary of Teppen. This event is coming in the specific characters and monsters. These monsters are from the breath of fire and the Hunter Riders Series. Hence, these monsters will join the fray for the birthday bash of the game. So, read this full article we are here having all information regarding this celebration, as you know the team has announced several activities and it games lasts for a few weeks. I know you all want to know involved and want to know every activity, related to the event.

The new season of the dragon of war has many characters, they are from the Monster Hunt Riders and Monster of Breath of Fire series which include Ryu, Garr, Nina, and many more. However, Nina may be going to appear like a new skin for Jill valentine and they can be present in second-anniversary packs in the shop.

For the second anniversary, new information is here; All players may get one skin pack ticket, skin pack ticket is free and they are giving a guarantee for one unobtained skin. Players can dress up having the skin of new heroes for the birthday festival. They can dress up like Shiba Inu, Black Melynx, White Dress, and Leopard armor. This is so amazing.

For the second anniversary, players can take 50 pack tickets, these are valid for 31 august. This ticket has:

10 “Dragon of War” pack tickets, 10 pack tickets of “Ace vs The people”,  10 pack tickets of “A Dark Agenda”, 10 pack tickets of “The Battle of Amatsuno Kuni”, and lastly 10 pack tickets of “core”.

So you have to do only one thing just to motivate your friend and take a break from this summer through decks having two ” First Time  Souls Free reset”.  You can send soul-free decks two times. There are two resetting periods, first, it starts from today, and second it is going on 8/2. If you start today, only 1500 souls are necessary for gifting desks which are half from its real price.  Hey one more thing, There is going to be a special sale for the Season pass which is from 980 jewels down to only 10 jewels. As a limited zone, the second-anniversary jewel set 1 may be available. This set has

4,900 jewels

8 tickets for “second-anniversary pack 1″.

An icon for ” second anniversary”.

Hey, one more thing, please be confident to check and search the different pack of anniversary pack which has Skins and secret cards, these are available throughout the event.

These are available from July 4 to July 20 July. The second-anniversary pack one has the new Nina Ex skin, seven other skins, and secret cards.

These are available from20 July to 5 August, in this player have a higher chance of getting cards. In the second-anniversary pack, players have an increasing number of chances for cards.

So if you are new then it is the right time to join Teppen having the new player campaign. There is a reward of approx 6,000 Jewels for the new players who clear these campaigns. However, the trained player will have 6,000 jewels.

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