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Why Does Windows 11 Have Such Strict CPU Requirements? Microsoft’s Director Of OS Security Explains


Last week we all got to know about Microsoft’s brand new software the Windows 11 and we even saw the various features and advantages it will bring along with itself for the users. Well, recent news brings in the details about the design of the new operating system. And looking at it I must say that Microsoft has become stricter than usual about which PC will be able to run this new software as there is a specific list of the requirements that should be available in the PC for Windows 11 to get installed and function. Now that has been a huge disadvantage for many people as most o the devices and even the one which is in the sale will not be able to upgrade itself to Windows 11 now that is a huge concern for all the Microsoft users as I don’t think anyone would want to spend extra money on buying a new laptop just so that they can get the upgraded version of Windows 11. 

Like there must be some people who can do that and get themselves a new laptop. Well if you are in the search of a new laptop which will allow you to upgrade to Windows 11 then continue reading as the next part I will be talking about is about the specific requirements your PC must have in order for Windows 11 to run smoothly. So, to run the Windows 11, devices must have an Intel Core processor from at least 2017, or AMD Zen 2 processors from 2019 onward. They’ll also need at least 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of hard drive storage. And you know the most surprising part is that Microsoft’s own recent laptop, the Surface Studio 2 desktop doesn’t have these specific requirements. Now that definitely has kept all Microsoft users worried as after all if the recent release device is not making a cut under the requirements then what will? But reports state that Microsoft is still exploring the possibility of using slightly older chips for the upgrade of Windows 11 to happen, but either way, you’ll need a pretty recent device to upgrade your operating system. So don’t worry my dear readers I am sure Microsoft will work something out and use older chips so that the upgrade is possible otherwise it will be a huge loss for the company as a whole as after all they did invest a lot of time and money and resources to build this new software and I don’t think they will just let it go all in vain. 

In addition to that PCs will also require a TPM functionality. Now that has everyone confused as to why they would require both an 8th-gen Intel Core CPU and TPM functionality to upgrade to Windows 11. In response to that Microsoft director of enterprise and OS security said in a blog post that TPMs Trusted Platform Modules also known as TPMs is Microsoft’s response to the growing level of cybercrime, including phishing and ransomware as PCs with TPMs inside offer a greater level of protection from those attacks. He also explained that “PCs of the future need this modern hardware root-of-trust to help protect from both common and sophisticated attacks like ransomware and more sophisticated attacks from nation-states. Requiring the TPM 2.0 elevates the standard for hardware security by requiring that built-in root-of-trust.” As modern crimes require modern solutions this is the way Microsoft responds to the problems and also is also like a gateway to modern technology.

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