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Apple Most Probably Is Going To Debut It’s 3nm Chipset With The Next-Gen iPads – According To Nikkei Asia


Just like we have known that Apple and Intel both are emerged now and making a chip that supports new technology which is based on a 3nm processor for a huge upgrade in performance and power consumption. This is a 3nm silicon chip that gives high performance. So basically Apple and Intel both work with TSMC(Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) for the production of 3nm chips. We will see this in next-generation chip production technology ahead of its deployment as early as next year, so in 2022 we will have an iPad that has a 3nm chip with high performance and power consumption.

According to reports this chip will releases with the new iPhone in 2022. And this iPad will be the first iPad with a 3nm processor. So we can say that this will be the big debut with a 3nm processor. TSMC says that ” 3-nm technology can increase computing performance by 10% to 15% compared with 5-nm while reducing power consumption by 25% to 30%.” As we have already known that TSMC is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world and has for years led the industry in process technology. This development may be giving a big boost to the technology it’s like the smaller the gap, the better the chip.

With the reports  “It offers up to 70% gain on logic density, 30% less power consumption at the same speed and 15% speed improvement at the same power,”. This is a good thing for TSMC that Apple using their chip that impacts grat on TSMC. Intel has also good for chips that making the processor that is good in performance and now they are working with TSMC n the past to produce a swath of communications, connectivity, graphics, and chipset hardware, including the company’s latest generation of dedicated GPUs.

We have already seen that Intel made its own possessor that works really and they delayed the introduction of its own 7-nm production technology to around 2023, well behind Asian rivals TSMC and Samsung Electronics. So these are things that they all work together to make something that impacts highly on technology. So we will see when it launches how it works. And maybe after this different product use this technology which will great in future. The iPad Pro, meantime, may skip the 4nm chip collectively, instead of moving through to the 3nm Apple Silicon that would later be included in iPhones in 2023. If we talk about iPhone 13 Which will have a 5nm processor or likely offer the 5nm ‘Plus’ or ‘Enhanced’ process that improves chip efficiency and power.

These are the latest technology which enhances the power consumption or performance. Companies try to make it better day by day. Nowadays we see that how technology increases or makes humans use it. These are the thing which increases their business and also gives us a digital world. We have seen in a pandemic that how technology work. And we will expect that the 3nm silicon chip also supports mac as well once yield rates for 3nm SoCs go up.

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