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People Will Now Be Able To Keep Their COVID-19 Vaccination Card And Important Covid-19 Information Digitally Through Google


With COVID becoming more and more serious Google has tried something new to make our lives easier. Google introduced Covid vaccine cards that users can carry on their phones. This feature is only available for Android users for now. Google has updated the internal built-in passes system and has made changes to help the users store their vaccine cards and tests results digitally. Thus it becomes easier for the individual to travel and do their day-to-day activities without worrying about losing his/her vaccine cards for test results.

This feature will be available for US citizens and then will be made available for other countries as well. This task of storing the digital copies starts first by making the digital copies. Google has appointed healthcare providers and government organizations for making the digital copies of a person’s Covid results and vaccine cards.

This vaccine card will include the person’s name, vaccine taken by the person, age of the person, name of the vaccine, doses completed, the date the vaccine was taken and name of the administrative entity, and future appointments.

The covid test results card will include your test name, date you took the test, administration entity, the result of the test.

This digital copy that Google will store in your phone can be accessed by the users through a shortcut available on your home screen. This feature will be available for Android users having an Android 5 or later version only. Your device also needs to be Play Protect certified to have this feature. The Covid card can be accessed with no internet as well as low internet connectivity thus users can access it from any area.

Talking about whether Google will have access to this data, Google confirmed that the data will be stored on your device solely and if you want to access it from a different device you first need to store the data manually in the other device.

Google confirmed that it will not use the data for ad targeting and will also not keep a copy with them. The data will only be available for your purpose and will not be used by Google for their own good. The data will not be shared to any third party as well. One thing Google can track is how many times you used the card and on which days. 

You need to set up a lock screen to store your information about Covid on your device. This is necessary for your security and to keep your information safe and secure.When sometimectrie to access your Coid card they will be asked to type in the pin, biometric, pattern they have set for their lock screen.

This news was announced by Google on 30th July, Wednesday. This decision was taken considering how inconvenient it was to carry paper cards of air Covid details. Certain local governments came up with digital copies for the citizens that were needed to be scanned to access the information. To make it easier for the users Google came up with a feature.

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