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AT&T To Ship All It’s Android Powered Smartphones With Google Messaging App For RCS Support


AT&T the largest telecommunication company and the second largest provider of mobile telephone services, located in Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas recently announced that it will be using Google messaging apps for all its smartphones. The Google messaging app will be an app used for  RCS-Rich Communication Services, a communication protocol tring to make messaging and communicating easier for users. 

RCS was initially designed to replace the old and time consuming SMS system and make communication easy and efficient.

The features of RCS are similar to Apple’s iMessages but RCS is completely focuses on Android phones. RCS has a lot to provide to its users like longer messages can be sent and received, read receipts, autocorrect, high resolution media, WiFi messaging, and more.

RCS is a standard platform and other smartphones can implement it too.

AT&T’s decision to use Google messaging app will be beneficial for you as your friends and family will be connected to a similar RCS making communication much faster and smoother. The Chat option will be provided to the users which they can enable according to their preference but AT&T will already enable the Chat option which increases the probability of the user using the Chat option. Google is coming with a RCS Universal Profile to get rid of any problems or annoyances that the RCS brought with it. Samsung phones will also get this option even though it has been using its own Samsung messaging app for years.Samsung has always had a strong game with RCS but it was facing problems with it thus Samsung decided to ship all its phones with Google’s messaging app.

Google has been seen as winning the RCS war. We need to keep in mind that here we aren’t talking about Google chat, it’s a completely different topic .

Google for a long time was busy searching for carriers and thus adopted RCS to provide to its users. A project started in 2019 where major US carriers came together for designing a RCS project which would enable a new, custom app with which users could message users of other

platforms, cross platform messaging. This project luckily dropped and did not continue. 

Users might be concerned with Google becoming their communicator but with the features and technologies of Google the experience will be much better which the the advantage of using Google as your messaging app.

The exact date when AT&T will ship its message is not clear but it will be very soon. Verizon the wireless network operator did not agree on partnering with Google thus making it the only US operator to use its own messaging app.But this will force Big Red, another network operator, to partner with Google and use the Google app as an option for its users.

This partnership made by AT&T was also made by T-mobile in March. T-mobile partnered with Google and used Google messaging services . Google will also offer its customers end to end encryption. Iphone users will not have this feature as Apple doesn’t support RCS and Apple has no confirmation of whether it will allow RCS as its network operator.

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