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Shopify And Google Partnership Allows Use Of More Third Party Payment Methods – Everything You Should Be Concerned About


Shopify, the online e-commerce platform, announced its new third-party payment method. This online e-commerce site is known for hosting your online store, creating the layout of your store using its free themes, and also provides payment processing where you can get paid as well as pay others. 

Shopify announced that it will be expanding its payment portal Shop Pay, to Google. This payment portal is effortless to use and is a one-tap checkout solution. Using the app does make the purchase easy and you can grab the stuff before it sold out.

The merging of Google with Shopify will lead to Google having access to your purchase data. Google also said about its future plans of integrating and partnering with Woocommerce, Godaddy, and Square to track consumers’ purchases and know what a particular customer likes. It is quite clear that Google will be using this data for targeting ads.

This announcement of Google partnering with Shopify was made clear in the Google I/O event. This partnering was done to make the lives of Shopify merchants easier by listing their products in Google searches. The payment portal integration will be done for US merchants only if it works well more countries will be added to the list.

Some important details regarding checkout integration –

  •  US merchants who enable “Buy on Google” will be able to have Shop Pay as their checkout option.
  •  Shopify confirmed that when you select Buy on Google via Shop Pay your information can be seen by Google. This includes credit/debit card information, your purchased items, and your address. 

How It Works-

When a customer finds a product they want to purchase they will be shown many payment options from which they can choose one. These payment options will be the ones offered by the seller/merchant itself. You might buy from the retailers’ store or through the Google native checkout flow. Now when the customer is using Google’s native checkout then they might be shown the options for payment that can include Paypal, or Shop Pay if the Shopify merchant has selected it.

Google talks about how these integrations with online e-commerce sites and their retailers will provide a considerable understanding of what customers are buying and what they like, thus this data will help them in targeting ads better and the merchant can get more sales.

Google has always been a place for people to compare products to find new products which solve their problems. So this integration not only benefits Google but benefits Shopify and its merchants too. With Google doing all this for free as well as providing a payment option makes Google a super powerful tool for the merchants.

Google offers its services for free has been the main reason for its success it has reported an 80% rise in merchants according to Google’s first-quarter 2021 earnings. Also, there were 74% more products listed on Google year after year and searches have tripled with one billion people shopping from Google in a single day.

Google’s integration with Shopify and other e-commerce websites does indicate its desire to take over the e-commerce world into its own hands.

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