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Google Promises 5 Years Of Security Updates And Bug Fixes To Each And Every Google Nest Product, Which Is Awesome!


Smart home devices are the new trend today. These devices are used for security purposes and work by connecting these electronic devices to other devices via Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, Wi-Fi, LiFi, 5G, etc. Now, these devices can work independently as well as interactively.

The users of these smart home devices do have an advantage over others as Google recently announced on Tuesday that it will be providing Google Nest products with five years of security updates which is great news.

Now with the growing use of technology in today’s generation has led to users completely dependent on these smart devices like phones, smartwatches, laptops, smart home devices, etc. It has become very important for these companies to provide long-term plans because the customer will expect more now due to their dependence. Thus Google Nest has taken this opportunity and has promised to provide the users five years of security updates.

Earlier these companies provided one or two-year support plans which are not enough. To bring back the customer and make a sale to them it’s necessary for these companies to offer longer support period plans. Even the three-year support period offered now by many devices is insufficient according to sources thus to be unique and grab the attention of the user Google Nest decided on providing a five-year support period.

In these five years, the users will revive bug fixes which means correction of any bugs in the computer program or system, and will get security updates which are sometimes called patches often they fix up the programs and protect the device from further damage. This five-year support is a relief to many users and they don’t have to worry that their smart devices as security cameras are of no use after one year.

One thing to be noted is the five-year support period will start after the manufacturing of the product and not after the purchase date.

Other new updates announced by Nest include security updates and privacy updates in the devices. One such is the verified boot process where devices launched in 2019 and after will ensure the device is running well and there is no damage to the firmware which is a permanent program in the device and cannot be changed as it belongs to the read-only memory. These devices provided by Nest with their top-notch features pass the security standards and are used by many high-end companies like the IoT companies and Google itself.

One more feature Google came up with was a mandatory feature for the users but it is quite helpful. Google pushed its users who have a Nest product to have a Google account attached to it. Now the feature of two-factor authentication and security checkup that Google accounts already provide will be available for Neat users also thus increasing the security and making the product secure.

Nest products include home products including smart speakers, smart displays, streaming devices, thermostats, smoke detectors, routers, and security systems including smart doorbells, cameras, and smart locks, etc.

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