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Xiaomi Teases Redmi 10 Series India Launch In Latest Tweet By Redmi India


Hey everyone the good news for Xiaomi users, if you want to buy a phone, for yourself and want to make a gift for your family then just wait for some time because Xiaomi new series is coming. I hope you all very excited after hearing this news mainly the Xiaomi. In this article, I am going to give all the information about Xiaomi Redmi 10. The information may include the release date,  their feature everything. So do not believe in the rumors read the article you will know about everything about this Redmi 10 series, what information teased on Twitter.

Much information was spreading on Twitter about this Redmi 10 series, but these rumors are stopped after the official announcement by Xiaomi on Twitter. Finally,  Redmi 10 series will be going to launch in India very Soon, this Information shared by Xiaomi. Xiaomi teased on Twitter about his new Redmi 10 series. In simple words, we can say that the Redmi 10 series will successor of Redmi 9. If we talk about the Redmi 9 series, it includes many phones like Redmi 9, Redmi 9 Prime, Redmi 9 Power, Redmi 9A, Redmi 9i. If we talk about Chinese they did not directly say that it will be going to launch the Redmi 10 series. If you look at the tweet The Chinese Company suggesting that will be the case and next month’s series is going to be released. In the Twitter post, they posted, ” Redmi Revolution” along with the hashtag “#10 on 10”. On Twitter, they had shared a short clip in which they are showing the Redmi revolution in India.  One more thing Tweet also mentions, “Hitting your screen soon.” From all these points we came to the conclusion that they are releasing their phone, maybe Redmi 10 is going to release next month because all the posts are directing toward one angle that Redmi 10 is coming. Hopefully, this phone will come to market in July. I would clarify one more thing why we mention Redmi 10 because if you look at the post they mention revolution and use a digit 10 so most probably they are going to release Redmi 10. There is no official announcement regarding this, that Redmi 10 series is coming. We are predicting these things based on a Twitter post.

If this prediction will true, then we are also not so sure about how many series of Redmi 10 will be coming and which model is going to be the first, and which going to be the last. If we look at the Redmi 9 series, in this series the Company launched series back to back. The first model of the Redmi 9 series was  Redmi 9 Prime. It was on the launch last year in the month of August, after Redmi 9 prime the release of Redmi 9 in the market in the same month. Again, in September Redmi 9A was launched, after two weeks they launch Redmi 9i, Lastly, they launched the Redmi 9 power in December. So we are hoping Redmi 10 will follow the same sequence.

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